Troye Sivan Has an Extensive Beauty Routine, and We Kind of Want to Copy It

You'd be remiss to believe that the men of Hollywood have a laissez-faire approach to their grooming routines. Sure, female celebrities are more likely to post an image of themselves in the glam chair while their hair, nails, and makeup are being done in tandem, perhaps accompanied by the caption, "It takes a village," but we promise the process for men is much more than a shower and some hair product. Prior to an event, you'll find men following extensive skincare routines, getting spray-tanned, and having concealer, powder, and bronzer applied to their faces. Women are notoriously criticized for the time and effort they take to prepare for an event, but if more celeb men were more transparent about their own regimens, the playing field would be slightly more level.

That's why we're praising singer Troye Sivan for candidly walking us through his entire at-home regimen, makeup and all, for Vogue. The South African pop star insists that he wants his overall look to be "super chill," but in reality, he uses quite a bit of product. It's no-makeup makeup for men, if you will, The goal is to look minimalist, but the process to get there is a bit more involved. Either way, his application technique is quite expert, and we're taking notes, especially on his concealer of choice, which seemingly erases his breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Below, take a look at his full routine.