10 Reasons You Can't Fall Asleep (and What You Can Do About It)

There’s nothing worse than crawling into bed feeling so tired you swear you could sleep for a decade, only to find yourself physically unable to fall asleep. All day long, you looked forward to the moment you could head home and go to sleep, and now that you’re finally in bed with the lights off, you somehow can’t? Life can be so very cruel.

But here at Byrdie, we’re in the business of helping you learn how to live your healthiest, most beautiful life, and that includes falling asleep at a reasonable hour. We’re just as committed as you are to finding out why in the world you can’t fall asleep, so we got in touch with three top sleep experts to learn 10 common but little-known factors contributing to your insomnia. Meet the three people here to help you get some shut-eye: Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D.; Rachel Wong, OSO sleep research expert; and Anna Persaud, Ph.D. and CEO of This Works. Keep reading to learn the most likely but often overlooked reasons you can’t fall asleep.