This UK Brand Just Launched A Tinted Serum That Looks Even Better Hours Later

It neutralizes cortisol—aka de-stresses skin.

Trinny London

Trinny London

If you’re not familiar with UK beauty brand, Trinny London, it’s time to get familiar. The brand founded by Trinny Woodall, a British personality and style & beauty expert from UK's What Not To Wear, prides itself on being “the ultimate easy, modern, do-it-everywhere” brand. After a Zoom call where Trinny herself did her eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and lip in under five minutes with just the swoop of two fingers, I’m convinced that statement is true. But it’s Trinny London’s latest offering, BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum ($50), that has me hooked and will probably have you hooked, too.

Trinny London
Trinny London BFF De-Stress / Tinted Serum $50

Let’s start with the fact that serums are having a moment in skincare overall. If you're anything like myself finding that perfect serum that suits all your skin needs and leaves you glowing is like, well, finding a BFF. This serum has hyaluronic acid to instantly plump and smooth, which I’m sure most likely a serum you already own does since HA is also very “of the moment.” Things I’m sure the serum you’re using doesn’t have: buildable and breathable coverage available in 12 shades and fancy technology that neutralizes cortisol and stimulates collagen production. Let’s get into the latter…

“There was nothing out there really addressing the issue with the level of ingredients needed to target stress, so I set about developing a formula with enough punch to actually achieve proper results,” says Trinny.

Stressed-out skin—an effect of lack of sleep, poor diet, and pollution, HEV light (increased screen time)—is constantly producing stress-fighting hormones including cortisol. Overly stressed skin makes too much cortisol slowing down our skin’s regeneration processes. The results are what you look like when your coworkers say, “You look tired.” Enter: Trinny London’s NP-TriOX Technology.

The technology that took Trinny’s team years to formulate, combines five times the active concentration Neurophroline and a triple broad-spectrum antioxidant complex to boost skin’s antioxidant balance, plus does all the cortisol neutralizing and collagen-stimulating things. In short, it makes skin look fresher and brighter as the day goes on. Actually, the first time I try BFF is on Zoom with Trinny who insisted I put it on right then. Upon first application, which she instructs is just two pumps of product “where you feel you need it”—for me it’s under my eyes and T-zone—I’m left with a natural filter. And yes, I swooped on the product with just two fingers. It’s that easy. I immediately showed enthusiasm to which Trinny says, “Wait until you look into the mirror a couple of hours from now!” 

Things I like about this product: I did look even better hours later (my actual BFF told me so at dinner that night), I don’t need to look for a tool to apply, and while this can be worn on top of BFF Cream SPF 30 ($37) or with Just A Touch ($37) to build to your preferred coverage, it looks just fine alone. Trinny says, “Rethink your routine. It's our little motto at Trinny London. Every few years look at your face and just think, “Am I doing the best I can do for my face right now?” Consider the question asked and answered.

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