How to Use Trigger Point Therapy to Get Rid of Muscle Knots

Muscle knots might seem like no big deal, until you feel their characteristic soreness and concentrated spikes of pain. Your freedom of movement is inhibited, and the demands of daily life only seem to wind these knots tighter. Sure, you can take an Advil to temporarily help the symptoms, but there’s a better, long-term (not to mention completely natural) solution. Meet trigger point therapy; it’s a special massage technique that targets tender muscle knots—so-called trigger points—to alleviate pain and tension.

Take it from Helen Lim, massage therapist and manager of Now Massage in Studio City. “Trigger point therapy is a system of different points in the body that the therapist isolates and applies pressure on to relieve a pain that may be located in another area of the body—which is called referred pain.” Rebecca Millhouse, a neuromuscular massage therapy instructor with the National Holistic Institute in Los Angeles, agrees. “When performed by someone like a neuromuscular therapist, pressure created by fingers or even elbows is gently and carefully applied to the painfully contracted area of muscle until pain diminishes and the trigger point is resolved.”

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