Pro Tip: Working This Area Will Give You Tighter, Leaner Arms


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Since we're always hunting for new ways to tighten and tone our arms, we reached out to Kellie Sikorski, a trainer at Barry's Boot Camp Miami, for a few tricep exercises for women. Why triceps specifically? Because although triceps are a "small muscle group located on the back side of the arm," Sikorski says it is a great area to tighten and tone, as it is "very hard to gain bulk there." In fact, she says the more you work this muscle group, "the tighter and leaner" your arms will appear.

She compiled a tricep-toning workout, complete with compound exercises and isolated reps. Of course, the effects will vary from person to person, but Sikorski notes that if you perform these exercises three to four times a week, incorporating them into your full-body workout routine, you should start to see results in just two to three weeks. For the four exercises Sikorski swears by for stronger, leaner triceps in just under a month, keep on reading.