Nope: 6 Celebrities on the Beauty Trends They'll Never Try

There are a lot of beauty trends I'd never even consider doing. Getting a buzz cut, for one, mostly because I have the most oddly shaped skull on the planet that would frighten onlookers. I'm also not sure I could handle microblading after hearing about the pain level from Editorial Director Faith Xue. (I can barely stand getting my blood pressure taken, so I can't imagine having the skin under my eyebrows scraped with a knife.)

I know I'm not alone in this boat though—friends and co-workers have shared a similar fear of testing out new looks or treatments. Even celebrities won't take the plunge—as transformative as they need to be for shoots and roles, there are certain things they've put a hard stop on. So to make myself feel better about not being much of a risk-taker, I decided to investigate just how far Hollywood's finest will go (or won't go). Ahead, take a look at celebrities' "nopes."

What's your number one beauty "no"? Please share in the comments!