3 Workout Moves You Can Do Anywhere (for Real)

As the buzz of the holidays dies down and our wild New Year's Eve celebrations (read: drinking champagne on the couch) come to pass, there's one thing we can't avoid thinking about: our 2018 resolutions. Now, we're not necessarily fans of jotting down dozens of goals we'll likely forget about by March (been there, done that), but that doesn't mean we can't set some bigger-picture intentions for ourselves, especially when it comes to our health.

Our busy schedules sometimes get in the way of making our favorite 6 o'clock yoga class, for example, so we asked Kellie Sikorski, trainer at cult-favorite HIIT workout studio Barry's Bootcamp Miami Beach, to share her favorite do-anywhere moves. Her top three exercises work the core, legs, chest, arms and booty so we essentially have no excuse not to get a workout in. Just don't forget to stock up on workout apparel from JoyLab, the fashionable, functional activewear brand we co-designed with Target,.

Interested in learning Sikorski's impactful routine? Below, discover three moves that'll keep you on track during the New Year.


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