6 Low-Key Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Traveling

Updated 09/23/16
Brydie Mac

Primping is usually the last thing on our minds when we're headed to the airport… unless you can call tossing your hair up into a dirty bun "primping." We're far more focused on details like being on schedule, making sure our bag weighs less than 50 pounds (a constant struggle), getting through security, and—should time allow—traversing the terminal in search of a passable meal. 

But it's always a good idea to look relatively nice, especially if you have somewhere you need to be immediately upon landing. Which is why we decided to hunt down a handful of hairstyles that meet some specific criteria:

1. They have to be quick. (Like, less than 30 seconds.)

2. They have to be comfortable. Because a seven-hour flight is rough enough without a throbbing scalp.

3. On that note, they have to be nap-friendly. A poorly positioned ponytail or bun might prevent you from leaning your head back all the way on your seat, and we can't have that.

4. They have to last. Don't worry—none of these styles are contingent on your hair's ability to hold a curl.

Keep reading to see which 'dos we cleared for takeoff.

Jonas Bie for Eurowoman

Positioning your half-bun near the nape of your neck (rather than a little further up) ensures that it won't get smushed against the headrest when you lean back. (Unless you have really fine hair, a full low-bun might be a little too bulky for this.)

Benjamin Stone for PopSugar

A pineapple ponytail pulls your hair out of your face while keeping your natural curls intact. Apply some of La Tierra Sagrada's Jojoba Oil ($24) to your ends to combat any in-flight dryness, and secure your pony with a coiled hair tie (we love Invisibobbles, $8) to avoid any dents or creases.

Collage Vintage

Fool people into thinking you made an effort with a pretty little braid. Got some extra wait time on your hands at the gate? Make it a fish-tail.

Brydie Mac

Yet another occasion where the half-knot works flawlessly. If you're not feeling the low version, stick it on top of your head—you'll get even more hair out of your face and it still won't get in the way. 

Fanny Lyckman

Dutch braids are a deceptively simple (but eye-catching!) way to keep your mane on lock. The method is basically regular french braids in reverse—and once you have the technique down, you can do this in just a few minutes. (Bonus: When you take them out upon landing, you'll have the most beautiful waves.)

Vanessa Jackman

If all else fails, accessorize—a minimalist clip can elevate a hairstyle in half a second. Try this look with Sylvain Le Hen's Gold Hair Barrette ($58).

What's your go-to travel hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below.

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