7 Genius Travel Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Updated 11/23/15

There are few things in life that we despise more than packing. Dragging our reluctant (and somewhat suspicious) selves to the gym, chugging any green juice that claims to bestow glowing skin (I plug my nose when no one’s looking), and admitting that it is simply nonnegotiable to go one more day sans shampooing—these are all child’s play in comparison to that dreaded carry-on. Seriously, it comes to us in our nightmares.

For us beauty addicts and product hoarders, separation anxiety regarding our daily must-haves is real—and slightly alarming. The mere thought of leaving behind our favourite lip balm or breaking our can’t-function-without-it blush into a powdery mess sends us into a tizzy. So, to get our packing panic in check (travelling is supposed to be exciting, after all), we’ve rounded up seven hacks guaranteed to streamline the not-so-fun packing process. Keep scrolling to see the tips that will revolutionise your packing game forever.

Tip #1: Tape Around the Seal of Your Travel Containers

Product spills make for not only a terrible mess but also precious dollars down the tube. The idea of half of our La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion ($300) mingling with our favorite pair of jeans is enough to make us cry—so never forget to tape around the seal of your travel containers.

Tip #2: Next Time You Travel, Reuse Empty Toiletry Bottles for Your Own Beauty Essentials

The perfectly sized (and TSA-approved) bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are a waste on most hotels’ run-of-the-mill toiletries. Do your beauty routine a favor and fill up the empties with your own tried-and-true favorites.

Tip #3: Add a Dryer Sheet to Your Suitcase

Why is it that even freshly laundered clothes always have a certain funk after a long flight? Next time you travel, kill two birds with one stone by layering a couple of lightly scented dryer sheets between your clothes—keeping them smelling fresh and simultaneously discouraging pesky static.

Tip #4: Place a Cotton Pad in Your Powder Compact

To prevent the horror of all horrors (your powder compact breaking—what else?), place a cotton pad in your blush or bronzer compact to guarantee it will live to see tomorrow. Now if only we could have thought of this, you know, 10 bronzers ago.

Tip #5: Use a Contact Case for Your Liquids and Gels

Enter the perfect miniature travel container. Each pod is the perfect size for single-use applications. Toothpaste? Hair oil? Hand sanitizer? Get crazy! Just remember to color-code (nail polish works flawlessly) so you remember what’s what.

Tip #6: House Your Toothpaste in an Old Eyedrop Container

You could spend money on a travel-size toothpaste—OR you could transfer your current paste into an old eyedrop container. Yep, brilliance.

Tip #7: Pucker Up With Some Butter

Not only does butter have some great health benefits, but in a pinch (and when your pout is two steps passed parched), it’s also an awesome alternative to a hydrating lip balm, like Rosebud Perfume Co.'s Strawberry Lip Balm ($7). Dab the teensiest bit of it on, and we promise your lips will be unbelievably soft, and, well—buttery (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves).

Which hack has you most excited to get your packing on? Share below!

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