It's Spring—Here's How to Keep Your Skin From Freaking Out

Spring—like wearing leggings as pants and Sporty Spice—is highly underrated. Often overlooked and straight-up disregarded for the flashier, beach-worthy summer season, its value is not in its balmy temps or “new year, new you” mantra, but rather as a time for subtle, gradual change. As we cautiously shed our bulky coats for breezy knits, we must also turn our attention to our skin—because, frankly, it’s going to freak out if we don’t. With gradual change comes a need to refresh—but not overhaul—our current skincare routine. With that in mind, we turned to Dr. Kate Forbes, general manager of product and research and development at Aesop, to show us how to transition our skincare to spring as seamlessly as possible. Keep scrolling to read her advice!

How do you update your skincare routine for spring? What are your current favorite skincare products for the season? Tell us below!