Trans Women Share the First Time a Beauty Product Made Them Feel Like Themselves

Objectively, the relationship between our complexions and makeup may seem superficial. Up until the moment a product comes into contact with our face (kind of like when a pen touches paper), makeup and our identity have nothing to do with one another. However, it's that magical moment when the two come together that self, message, and meaning can be enhanced. And while we're not saying makeup is necessary to feel complete or beautiful, we'd be remiss to ignore the role it can play in our identity as women.

For many of us, the way we wear our makeup (whether it's a full face or barely any) is rooted in some kind of intrinsic experience. Perhaps there was one aha moment that at one time or another inspired us to apply our makeup in a way that would forever make us feel "ourselves," confident in our skin, and beautiful—whether it's a particular product or simply our favorite way to powder our nose. In fact, ask just about any woman, and she'd probably have a story or experience that organically shaped her relationship with beauty and makeup regardless of her age, race, or gender.

It's monumental—finding the peace, happiness, and pride that resonates with who we are on the inside and then discovering a way to channel that on the outside, as well. Here, two transgender women share their first aha moment—the time, place, products, and feeling when makeup helped them feel like their truest self. Keep reading for their inspiring explanations.