How to Train for a Marathon Without Hating Your Life


Urban Outfitters

Running one mile is daunting, let alone 26.2, but nevertheless, that is the distance of a marathon. And, believe it or not, hundreds of thousands of people run that distance in one day's time every single year. Insanely impressed by this physical feat, we reached out to a couple of running experts to learn just what they do when training for a marathon.

Whether you're considering signing up for a marathon or are currently training for one, running coach Kyle Kranz and Jessica Mehta, a personal trainer, registered yoga teacher, and the founder of Get it Ohm!, have given us some training tips to get you ready for the big day. From a plan of action to their thoughts on carbo-loading, Kranz's and Mehta's pointers will help you tackle those 26.2 miles easily. Okay, maybe not easily, but at least you will be prepared, right? For five tips on how to train for a marathon, keep reading.