This Is What Trainers Do Every Day Before Noon

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We regularly plan to wake up early, tackle emails, head to the gym, and make a proper breakfast. However, more often than not, we find ourselves running out the door with just enough time to brush our teeth, apply a swipe of mascara, and grab a coffee to go. Since we know the importance of a morning routine (it has been proven to increase productivity levels), we reached out to a few trainers to see just how they kick-start their day.

We admire trainers for their hard work and dedication, and also because it takes a lot of willpower to go to the gym almost every day. Since trainers are some of the most productive and healthy people we know, we thought adapting their morning routines might just make us a bit more productive as well. For the five ways that trainers make the most of their mornings, keep on reading.


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Just about every trainer we talked to said they prefer to start their mornings with a cup or more of water. So just why are trainers drinking water first thing in the a.m.? According to Derek DeGrazio, celebrity trainer and managing partner at Barry's Bootcamp Miami, water hydrates the body while also helping it better absorb nutrients from breakfast. That, and a cup of water in the morning has been proven to boost metabolic rates.

Do Yoga

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Angelica Migliazza, a choreographer and an instructor at MVMT Theory, says she either takes a yoga class or does some simple yoga stretches in the morning to wake up her muscles, release tension, and get her blood moving. For all you yogis out there, Migliazza recommends performing the following stretches as soon as you wake: child's pose, downward-facing dog, forward fold, and cat stretch.

Take a Cold Shower

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While you might not like the idea of a cold shower, it turns out that a chilly rinse can be very beneficial. Not only have cold showers been proven to lift your mood, but Migliazza claims that they give her a boost of energy while also working wonders on her skin.

Take Some "Me Time"

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Be it reading The New York Times like SoulCycle instructor Gabby Etrog Cohen or listening to the morning radio like DeGrazio, carving out some "me time" is an essential part of these fitness experts' routines. Since trainers and instructors have to be "on" pretty much all day, Degrazio says it is essential to clear his head in the morning so that he can be present when working with clients later in the day.

Drink Coffee

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Personal trainer Jonathan Valdez says that caffeine is an essential component of his morning routine, as coffee motivates him to work harder and has been proven to improve performance. Cohen and DeGrazio agree, considering that they both start their day with a cup of coffee in the a.m.

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