The Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles That Deliver Perfect Skin

We're all about bringing the zen into our life, whether it's a good hot yoga session or a little meditation to clear our minds. But we're especially keen on utilizing holistic remedies and good chi in our skincare too, which is why we've jumped on the traditional Chinese medicine bandwagon. Skeptical of how TCM can help you? We spoke with Baszicare co-founders Chapman Lee and Tony Sellers to get the scoop on incorporating TCM into your products. We're betting that like us, you'll also become converts.

"TCM is great for skin because it holistically balances skin conditions using the principle of yin & yang," Sellers and Lee explain. This means that it brings about more balanced skin and helps boost skin's regenerative capability. Sellers and Lee explain that while traditional Western treatments do a great job of targeting skin problems, they wanted to develop a preventative treatment to delay aging. As a result, they've taken to the ancient Chinese remedies, which help the skin to rejuvenate and maintain balance by boosting blood circulation and aiding skin detox.

Not sold on utilizing TCM just yet? Lee and Sellers note that products fortified with the ancient herbs and plants help with acne, wrinkles, and dehydration, among a slew of other issues. Now that's something we can get behind.

For a list of some of our favorite products inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, keep scrolling!

If you want to try incorporating TCM in your everyday life, Sellers and Lee suggest you include popular plants, herbs, and teas in your diet. Why does what you ingest matter, you ask? Sellers and Lee say that the TCM philosophy believes that the overall health of your body is reflected in the condition of your skin. Tea time, anyone?

Are you a faithful fan of TCM? What are your favorite products? Please tell us below!