Exclusive: This New Line Is All About Lashes (and It's Supermodel-Approved)

When top models like Kate Upton and Ashley Graham need a makeup artist to get them camera-ready, they call Tracy Murphy. She's not only an industry veteran and skilled makeup artist, but she's known for her ability to give just about anyone the longest, fullest lashes they've ever had. With a little mascara and a lot of technique, Murphy is known by colleagues and clients as the "lash queen," so it only made sense for her to launch her own range of cosmetics that has everything to do with eyes.

Lash Star Beauty officially launches today, and it's about to change the beauty world by transforming lashes, one pair at a time. "I wanted to do a line that felt very authentic, and lashes are the one thing I notice I've been able to show a lot of women—whether they're models or friends—how to maximize their lash potential," she tells us exclusively.

And if you think your short, stubborn lashes are a lost cause, think again, because Murphy is determined to change your mind about what you can achieve with a few products. "If you don't think you have good lashes, it's not you," she says. "You're probably just not using the right tools and products. I can show you how to get crazy-good lashes." 

Murphy's passion for lashes is evident as she explains each of her favorite products from the collection to us. We got the lowdown some of her favorites, which include a unique lash curler and a no-brainer tool we wish we had sooner. We honestly wouldn't be shocked if Murphy popularized the way we shop and use lash products the way Anastasia Soare transformed the brow world.

Check out some of Murphy's clients showing off their gorgeous lashes, and keep scrolling read about Lash Star Beauty's debut lineup, straight from the founder herself.

Which Lash Star Beauty product are you most excited to check out? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: John Shearer/Getty Images