This New Workout Will Give You a Body Like J.Lo's



Fitness guru Tracy Anderson's latest workout DVD is inspired by one of her clients: J.Lo, who else? The workout is similar to the high-intensity dance moves you’ve come to expect from Anderson, but this one has a Latin flair. The best part: You can purchase the DVDs at Target stores nationwide. [InStyle]

Sofía Vergara has teamed up with Avon to launch a brand-new fragrance called So Very Sofía. The scent has notes of Flor de Mayo orchid, golden patchouli, and passion fruit. So Very Sofia will be available exclusively through Avon representatives this fall and costs just $36. [Avon]

By now, you’ve probably heard that washing your hair on a daily basis is a no-no. But it turns out there are a few people out there who should be washing their hair that often. This guide walks you through how often your strands should get shampooed so your strands stay shiny and healthy. []

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty routine is something that everyone wants to know. Here’s a rare picture of her makeup drawer—and the contents are surprising. [Allure]

Avocado is a delicious superfood that’s packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals—plus, it tastes great on toast. As it turns out, avocados also do wonders when applied topically to your skin and body. Need to soothe a sunburn but don’t have aloe? Slather on some avocado for quick relief. There are many, many more ways to use it too. [PureWow]

Think you suffer from dry skin? Think again. There is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and there are even different ways of treating it. Find out how you can get supple skin again with the right treatment. [The Huffington Post]

Short on time but still want to get in a workout? It’s absolutely possible. Here are nine different ways you can sneak in some exercise while doing your everyday tasks. [PureWow]

YouTube beauty sensation Zoe Suggs—aka Zoella—has had a line of beauty products for a few years now that were only available in the UK. Now Zoella Beauty is launching stateside at American Eagle and Tillys. [Bustle]

Benefit Cosmetics has teamed up with UK charity Look Good, Feel Better to empower women with cancer. The project guides women through the effects of their changing skin that result from chemotherapy. [Independent]

Do your nails seem to always be peeling? Here’s a list of common culprits and how to prevent it from every happening again. [SheFinds]

Annelies van Overbeek is a 17-year-old with a knack for makeup—so much so that she effortlessly transforms herself into Audrey Hepburn, Anne Frank, and Vivien Leigh. The results are uncanny. [The Huffington Post]

Speaking of Hepburn, this was her secret for fluttery lashes.