Tower 28's Juicy New Balms Are a Treat For Your Lips


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Tower 28

There's a new status symbol in L.A. and it's not a Cartier bracelet or stacked IMBD page—one of the markers being a true It-girl is whether or not you have an Erewhon smoothie with your name on it (or, at the very least, a membership card for the luxury grocery store). Hailey Bieber kicked off the trend, and wellness brands like Agent Nateur and Kin (partly owned by Bella Hadid) also got in on the smoothie craze. Today, juices and smoothies are infiltrating the beauty space with Tower 28's latest launch, JuiceBalm ($16), a tinted lip balm inspired by the city's juice culture.

The Inspiration

With roots in Los Angeles, it was easy for Tower 28 to take inspiration from the juicing and wellness culture that runs rampant in the city. JuiceBalm offers a juicy, healthy sheen coveted by the "clean girl" beauty crowd. And just as juicing goes deeper than simply tasting delicious—the true purpose of is to flood your system with vitamins and minerals—Tower 28 set forth to make a product that's like a green juice for the lips. Juice Balm's formula includes food-grade vegan ingredients meant to deeply moisturize the lips as well as provide antioxidant protection.


Tower 28

The Formula

JuiceBalm includes an array of good-for-your-skin ingredients derived from fresh produce, starting with shea butter and marula oil to nourish the lips and create a soft, cushiony feel. The mango seed oil inside the formula provides antioxidant protection, and vitamin E assists in warding off free radicals while conditioning the lips for a smoother appearance and feel.


Tower 28

In a Venn diagram consisting of lip gloss, lip balm, and lipstick, JuiceBalm sits right at the center since it has the qualities of all three. It was created to condition lips like a balm, add a high-shine finish like a gloss, and offer an intense color payoff like lipstick. JuiceBalm comes in four shades that play well with all skin tones: Mix, a juicy nude; Shake, a juicy pink; Squeeze, a juicy coral; and Drink, a juicy berry.

As with the rest of Tower 28's lineup, JuiceBalm is clean, sensitive-skin friendly, and vegan. The packaging is pretty noteworthy, too, as it's made from 50% post-consumer recycled resin.

My Review

Despite working in beauty, I am horrible at wearing lip products. I can't seem to crack the code to actually keep my lips hydrated all day, and I simply can't be bothered to reapply my lip product after every sip or bite I take. When it comes to something that I can wear day in and day out, I typically reach for fool-proof products that moisturize my lips and have the ability to seamlessly melt off throughout the day, as opposed to products that eventually settle into my lips' cracks or look blotchy if I haven't reapplied after a meal.

Izzy wearing Tower 28 JuiceBalm

Isabella Sarlijia

Upon first swipe, I noticed that JuiceBalm melted onto my lips, leaving behind a trail of high-impact color, shine, and moisture. Juicebalm offers a glossy appearance that immediately upped my complexion's dew factor, without the unwanted goopy feel of a traditional gloss. Plus, whether I'm sporting a low-key look at the office or going out with friends, this balm has buildable coverage that can create anything from a barely-there sheen to a full-on lipstick moment. But the most important (to me) part? This product *actually* conditions my lips throughout the day (despite it being frigid in NYC) and makes it perfectly OK for me to forget to reapply my lip product after a few hours.

juicebalm in drink
Tower 28 JuiceBalm Tinted Lip Balm $16.00

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