10 Celebrity-Inspired Topknot Hairstyles to Try for New Year's Eve

As the cold weather approaches, our ability to put effort into our hair routines (and social lives) flies out the window. For some, the thought of perfecting a multi-step hairstyle on windy days seems like a pure waste of time (especially when cozy beanies exist).

This season, we refuse to let our love for all things hair fall to the sidelines. In fact, we’re setting out to do just the opposite by mastering a chic (and ridiculously easy) hairstyle: the topknot.

Sure, topknots aren’t new, but after combing through the most inspo-worthy celebrity looks, we’re convinced it’s the hairstyle we’ll be experimenting with most this winter. Below, see 10 of the best topknot looks and how to create them, according to celebrity hairstylists.