Topicals' New High Roller Is a Game Changer for Ingrown Hairs

Inspired by Founder Olamide Olowe's own experience.

High Roller


Ingrown hairs plague many of us—especially during the summer when constant shaving can cause bumps and discoloration on the neck, underarms, bikini area, legs, or other areas of the body. In preparation for the year ahead, Topicals recently launched its newest body care product that promises to treat ingrown hairs, soothe shaving irritation, and fade discoloration in a single product. 

Founded by Olamide Olowe in August 2020, Topicals has seamlessly integrated the skincare and body care industries with effective science-backed products that actually work—a passion project inspired by Olowe’s childhood experience with skin conditions.

“For most of my life, ingrown hairs kept me from embracing my body and skin,” Olowe explains. While speaking with Byrdie exclusively, the CEO shared that all hero products from Topicals tackle multiple skincare concerns at once. “Creating an effective and science-backed ingrown hair product seemed like an obvious—and much-needed—next step,” Olowe shares about the latest addition, High Roller ($26), which features a full house of active ingredients including salicylic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, and willow bark extract to help reverse and prevent discoloration associated with ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs have a way of affecting confidence—for people from all walks of life. To combat this reality, the High Roller campaign focuses on diverse and influential leaders including its first male model, rapper Smino. “I hold this product launch and campaign very close to my heart because the younger me could never have imagined that ingrown hairs could be highlighted in a fun way,” Olowe explained in a statement.

Ahead, learn more about the inspiration, the formula, and how to get the best results from the product. 

The Inspiration

The Topicals community collectively agrees: skin discoloration caused by ingrown hairs was one of their biggest pet peeves, according to the brand. So, it was only natural for Topicals to create a product to target and reduce razor burn, soften, and soothe stubborn bumps. 

“While we don’t advocate for aspiring to have perfect skin, I know firsthand that ingrown hairs cause painful and uncomfortable flare-ups,” Olowe explains. “I’ve personally dealt with this, and even as an adult, I’ve felt embarrassed when I have flare-ups.”

If you're wondering why the product boasts a Vegas-inspired name, Olowe explains that it began with a casino-themed soft launch at ComplexCon 2021. Topicals was one of the few Black woman-owned brands to participate during the annual event. Plus, High Roller is a nod to rollerball packaging, which makes application simple and mess-free. 

The Formula

The High Roller: Ingrown Tonic ($26) formula is loaded with active ingredients including willow bark extract to refine pores and niacinamide to minimize inflammation and brighten dark spots. The solution also includes salicylic acid to clear out build-up in pores, while glycolic acid works to exfoliate and visibly refine uneven skin texture.

High Roller
Topicals High Roller: Ingrown Tonic $26.00

The final major player in the formula is zinc PCA, which Olowe says reduces inflammation, soothes stressed skin, and prevents excess oil that can worsen congestion. “We included zinc PCA as a key ingredient for decreasing inflammation and skin irritation. Zinc PCA helps relieve symptoms such as redness and swelling, so any ingrowns that do occur are much less painful.”

She concludes, “Our formula and packaging was created to be a one-step solution, all while remaining alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and with no synthetic dyes. It is a multi-benefit cocktail that contains exfoliating, brightening, softening, moisturizing, and antibacterial ingredients that all work together to prevent irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs.”

To get the best results from the product the brand recommends using this product 2-3 times per week (only once per day) and gradually increasing to twice a day if no irritation occurs during use. Remember to allow the product to dry fully before layering on other products or clothing.

High Roller is available for purchase on and

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