You’re About to See These Vibey New Body Mists Everywhere

We tried the latest launch from Topicals.

Topicals body mists


Of all the beauty brands that launched in 2020, few garnered as much buzz as Topicals. The Black and female-owned skincare line had everyone talking when it debuted with two hype-worthy product offerings, the Like Butter Hydrating Mask ($32) and the Faded Brightening and Clearing Serum ($36). Housed in Instagram-worthy tubes, the brand’s effective and affordable products are formulated to target a number of common skin concerns like eczema and discoloration. After the success of the initial launches, founder Olamide Olowe set her sights on disrupting another popular category: body care.

The new Faded ($30) and Like Butter ($28) body mists contain many of the same skin-loving ingredients as the original formulas, but with a few key upgrades. “The mists are an extension of our award-winning products, made specifically for body skin and packaged in an air-powered 360 degree non-aerosol form,” says Olowe, noting that the containers are safer for the environment than typical aerosol cans. To learn more about the new products, we turned directly to the source. Keep reading for all the details on the mists straight from the brand’s founder, and read our honest reviews.

The Inspiration

"Body care is such a sleepy category that is mainly focused on moisturization," Olamide explains. "People with chronic skin conditions don’t just get it on their face, so we knew we wanted to be our community’s go-to brand for flare-ups from head to toe."

Topicals, model


The founders knew they had to give their offerings a bit of glamour to transform how their customers feel about body products. "For many people with a skin condition, shopping for your skincare products in the ointment aisle is not as fun as shopping for your favorite serum in Sephora,” says Olamide. To bridge this gap, they wanted to ensure their new launches reflected the brand’s original mission of “funner flare-ups” and making skincare more enjoyable. “Our product design and packaging strategy was curated to keep your Topicals’ products right alongside all of your favorite brands on your shelf,” she explains.

Besides looking good on your top shelf, the mists are also practical. "Skin conditions usually show up in hard-to-reach spots, so we wanted an easy way to mist your back, chest, or behind your knees,” says Olamide.

The Formulas

In the pink and red bottle, you'll find the Faded Brightening & Clearing Mist, where a mix of skin-clearing ingredients takes center stage. The formula is infused with glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells, niacinamide to reverse oxidative damage, and tranexamic acid, proven to effectively treat melasma. "The Faded mist is ideal for dark spots from buttne, backne or chestne, as well as rough and textured skin, tired skin,” says Olamide.

Topicals, Faded mist
Topicals Faded Mist $28.00

The aptly named Like Butter mist is housed in a bright yellow bottle, designed to soothe and restore sensitive skin. You'll find moisturizing ingredients like green tea, Centella Asiatica, allantoin, rhubarb, and ginseng in the formula. Olamide says it’s ideal for anyone with dry, flaky, or eczema-prone skin.

Topicals, mist
Topicals Like Butter Mist $28.00

It can also provide serious relief from painful sunburns. “Think of it as the really advanced version of aloe vera gel in mist form,” says Olamide.

Woman applying Topicals mist


In terms of results, the timing depends on the formula as well as the individual customer. "Everyone’s skin is different and we like to take the focus off obsessing over clear skin, but with the Faded mist, you can see changes in 6 weeks,” she explains. As for its hydrating counterpoint, the wait time for results is even shorter: “For the Like Butter mist, you can see changes in 24 hours."

The Reviews

Chinea Rodriguez, News Writer

"I love the concept of skincare for your body, especially as someone who deals with dry skin and eczema. There are times where my go-to creams and lotions just can’t handle my eczema flare-ups and very dry winter skin. The last thing I want to do sometimes is slather on a layer of a thick ointment.

"I was excited to test out the Like Butter mist. The spray formula made it so easy and fast to apply. It also dries quickly, so you can follow up with a lotion right after. The mist's immediate feel is soothing, kind of like using your favorite hydrating serum and facial mist. I'll definitely keep it on hand for my next painful eczema flare-up."

Topicals, model


Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

"I’ve noticed a familiar pattern that occurs every time I get excited about a new body product. I am extremely lazy about my post-shower routine. Still, every so often, I’ll come across a luxurious soufflé moisturizer or a particularly aromatic oil that convinces me to invest time into my body care regimen. It usually lasts about a week before the thrill of this self-care method wears off, and I’m back to skipping body products altogether.

"These new mists, however, have proven to be the solution to my body care laziness. The sprayable formulas couldn’t be easier to apply, so I have no excuse for skipping them post-shower. The Like Butter mist, in particular, has become an irreplaceable part of my daily routine—it envelops my entire body in a cocoon of green tea-scented moisture in less than 30 seconds. Plus, the packaging looks so chic on my bathroom counter."

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