11 Health and Beauty Subscription Boxes You Haven't Tried but Should

There's something undeniably alluring about subscription boxes. Whether or not you've ever tried one, you can imagine how enticing it is to receive a package in the mail full of fun surprises that are right up your alley—perhaps akin to the thrill that is the aftermath of online shopping after a few too many glasses of wine. An arguably more legitimate way to obtain that same retail rush, subscription services offer mystery that's married with the likelihood you'll love (or at least have a blast trying) all the goodies you unwrap.

But before you hand over your hard-earned paycheck to commit to a subscription service where things you haven't picked out are arriving at your doorstep every month, it's important to consider what's out there on the market. There are hundreds of subscription services—from beauty boxes to fitness boxes and beyond—offering a variety of goods at different price points. To help you determine the right subscription for you, we've rounded up the best and highlighted why they've made the list.

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