It's Official: This Is Sephora's Top-Selling Powder Foundation


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Our beauty breadth is wide. We shop from independent beauty stores, international skincare and makeup sites, clean beauty pop-ups, and—without a doubt—giant retailers like Ulta and Sephora. Each one has its unique benefits and downfalls, although we must say, in regards to the latter, the benefits abound. We can shop hundreds of brands and categories simultaneously, often with hundreds of reviews and customer ratings to back each one up. As such, when a single product rises above all the others to earn the top-selling spot in its category, we perk up. Can you blame us? That means the product in question has performed better than its lofty competitors. That also means that thousands of real-life customers have silently casted their vote, deeming a specific product most worthy of purchasing. 

The latest product to clinch the top-selling spot in its category is a powder foundation. Reviewers describe it with such words as weightless, soft-blurring, and silky. Keep scrolling to which fan-favorite powder foundation is currently flying off of Sephora's shelves.