The Most Googled Beauty Questions of 2015

It’s hard to remember the days when google wasn’t used as a verb—or in existence, for that matter. Where would we be without the giant search engine in the sky that allows us to find the answer to our most pressing, secret, die-if-anyone-found-out-we-looked-them-up questions? Wandering around helpless and still tweezing our eyebrows into minuscule lines, probably. Not to mention peeking through someone’s Google search history is pretty much the equivalent of exposing their soul—there’s a reason we clear our cache every week, obviously. Thus, when Google reveals its top-searched terms at the end of each year, we pounce. What consumed our thoughts this year? What kinds of questions did we search at wee hours of the morning in the safety of our bed?

On the beauty front, the Google team gave Byrdie the first look at the top trending questions of 2015. These were the questions that saw the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period this year as opposed to last year. Some questions were standard, others unexpected (um, beard balm?) and still others… Well, you’ll have to see the number one question to find out. Did anything from your search engine history make the list?

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