10 Things All Curly-Haired Girls Should Do


Urban Outfitters

We can unanimously agree that a headful of gorgeous ringlets, regardless of shape and size, are beautiful, right? Besides, individuality is what makes beauty so much fun. While admittedly difficult at times, the curly hair you’re born with can be easier to manage than you think. Whether you have a Solange-like mane or longer waves like Lorde’s, embracing your hair’s texture is the number one rule when it comes to curls. However, there is a set of more universal, one-size-fits-most dos that everyone with kinks and coils should abide by. Working with, not against, your curl pattern is the key to maintaining lush locks, so put down the hair straightener and cement-like pomades because we’ve enlisted the pros for some curly hair 101.

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This story was originally published on August 13, 2016.