5 Classic Sneaker Styles Every Sneakerhead Needs

From high-tops to casual.


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Sneakerheads, this one is for you. When I wake up in the morning and glimpse over at my colorful collection of sneakers, I beam with pride. As a bona fide shoe lover, my wardrobe is chock full of different sneakers styles. Over the years, I have curated a lineup of kicks to match every outfit, mood, and occasion. If you’re looking to add a few new pairs to your shoe rotations, you’re in luck. Ahead, I’ve rounded up a list of today’s most head-turning sneakers to rock on your feet. From high tops to casual sneakers, you’re bound to find your new favorite pair below. 

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High-top Sneakers

high top sneakers

Byrdie / Design by Dion Mills

High-top sneakers are a great option if you’re looking to dress down an outfit. Whether you’re outdoor dining, taking a long walk, or running errands, this style of shoe is perfect for almost every outing. 

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Low-top Sneakers

low top sneakers

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Low-top sneakers are a must-have in any sneaker wardrobe. They’re easy to slip on and come in a wide variety of styles these days. Whenever I throw a pair on, I always feel like my outfit is complete.

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Exercise Sneakers

exercise sneakers

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Finding the right exercise sneakers can make a world of difference during your workouts. When you lead an active lifestyle, you need a sneaker with a supportive sole. I can honestly confirm that these five picks deliver on that end.

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Casual Sneakers

casual sneakers

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Over the last year, many of us have traded in our formal footwear for casual sneakers. If you’re looking for a clean and effortless shoe, look no further than these options below. 

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Budget-Friendly Sneakers

budget friendly sneakers

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Sneakers can cost quite a pretty penny these days. But it’s important to note that there are still tons of budget-friendly options on the market. All of these sneakers are under $120, which is sure to get those feet moving.

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