The Best Tattoo Themes for Symbolizing Love

Woman with flower tattoo on her shoulder

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Do you want an artful way to show your devotion to your lover? Why not opt for one of the following top love theme tattoos? Whether it be a heart, a sentiment, or lovebirds, there are many ways to express the theme of love through body art.

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The Classic Heart

Woman with heart tattoo on her foot
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Nothing says love like a heart tattoo. Of course, you can place a heart tattoo anywhere, and the most popular place is on the bicep in an old school style tattoo. But that doesn't mean you can't step outside the norm and do something a little unique with a heart tattoo placement.

Consider placing a few cute hearts on your inner wrist instead. Another option is a couple's heart tattoo. If you want a matching tattoo or a lover's tattoo without tattooing names, opt for the popular half-heart on each of you that becomes whole when you place the parts together. This works well on ​wrist or arm designs.

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A Lock and Key

He or she has got your heart, now throw away the key! Lock and key tattoos are a creative couples theme idea. Add some Victorian elegance to your design with a skeleton style key and opt for Steampunk style. Melting latches, keys, or steampunk powered bolts will add bizarre interest to your design.

To keep your themed tattoos in plain sight, place them somewhere they'll fit together, such as on your hands.

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Woman with rose tattoo on shoulder
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Rose tattoos are one of the most popular flower designs and for good reason. From a yellow rose that celebrates the great state of Texas to a white rose that celebrates the purity of love and marriage, there's always room for a rose tattoo.

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Wedding Bands

A popular alternative to traditional wedding bands, matching ring tattoos are an obvious couples choice. Whether you wear jewelry on top of your designs or wear your inked vows in lieu of a simple band, a verse of love or matching symbols can be tattooed on your fingers as an expression of your love and commitment.

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Verses and Quotes

Close-up of Lucy Hale's I Love You tattoo on her wrist
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Quotes and romantic verse tattoos are the perfect way to express your love. Script tattoos can be placed in many spots, such as the mid-back, shoulders, and inner wrist.

Consider verses from shared favorite songs, books, movie quotes, or your very own pet names for one another. To add a touch of nostalgia to your design, why not opt for an old typewriter font or tattoo your lover's own handwriting?

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Portraits of Loved Ones

While black and grey portrait tattoos are a favorite choice for incorporating life-like realism to your body art, you can also honor a loved one with a less detailed piece and opt for a vintage-inspired framed silhouette tattoo placed within an ornate oval frame instead.

Couples can both have matching silhouettes, and she can add a few vines and flowers to her frame to make it a little more feminine.

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Dakota Johnson with bird tattoo on shoulder
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Are you looking for a more modern way to express your union with a matching tattoo? Look to nature for featured lovers and you'll find several birds that mate for life. From eagles and swans to turtle doves and penguins, birds of a feather stick together.

Feather tattoos continue to be one of the most popular emerging tattoo designs. Whether you use a single feather or the whole bird, add a verse to your design about love, and you have even deeper meaning.

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