Too Faced Lip Injection Line Makes Sure Your Lips are Always the Moment

How the brand has perfected the perfectly plump pout

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Gaby before and after

Here’s the thing: I think I forgot how to do my makeup. I used to pride myself on being that girl when it came to everything eye makeup. Ask my high school friends considering I did every single one of their faces before any sort of dance. Face, I’ve got covered (I think) thanks to my consistent less is more mentality, and lips, well, lips are and have always been my fail safe. No matter what look I have going on, the lips are my saving grace, my pièce de résistance if you will. It’s the one part of my makeup I know I’m not going to mess up.

Too Faced, so kindly, has really made sure of that. Their Lip Injection line has perfected the natural yet plump lip game and leaves me leaning heavily into my effortless hot girl era —which, for the record, should be always. Featuring three different formulas ranging in intensity, we can all have luscious lips forever at our fingertips.

And truly thank heavens because I honestly didn’t even know that I suddenly got bad at eye makeup until, like many other things, TikTok told me so. You know what else TikTok and every single recent show, film or pop culture moment also taught me? That I, and Too Faced, are not alone in our thinking… that lips really are, and will always be, the moment. They’re a feature on our face that no matter size, shape, or color are uniquely ours and if we’re being really honest, extremely easy to play up.

Like many of you—don’t even try and lie to me or the FBI agent in your phone—I too have fallen down the Euphoria makeup TikTok rabbit hole and although it can be a very time consuming and an admittedly scary place, it reinforces the narrative that a simple plump and glossy lip is forever timeless, no matter what kind of makeup—or no makeup (me usually)—look you’re going for.

And since I’m notorious for giving unsolicited advice, I figured I’d take you through how I integrate my favorite plumping gloss from the line, the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, to create a natural day-to-night look without all of the fuss.

The Product: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

How I Use It:

Like I said, makeup and I don’t really get along these days. So the days that I do choose to wear it, I stick to the basics: a strong skincare routine that sets me up for minimal face makeup, a natural eye (think: bronzer for eyeshadow) with some sort of smoked out brown wing especially at night to create sultry vibe and I top it all off with lips that say I’ve just been kissed, no matter how dried up the roster may be.

To start off, I give myself a glowy and barely-there base followed by Too Faced’s Chocolate Matte Bronzer because I like to pretend I’m always sunkissed and not sitting inside staring at a computer all day. I finish off the face with a cream blush and highlight and move on to eyes.

Gaby Too Faced Products

Zero surprise here, I typically take whatever bronzer I’m using and bring it up to my eyes to create a cohesive look. The Chocolate Bronzer is perfect for this because it’s matte and I’m not usually a glitter-on-the-eyes kinda girl unless I’m feeling spontaneous (see: never). Sometimes, though, if I’m feeling crazy, I’ll instead use actual eyeshadow for the aforementioned step. I love the Born This Way The Natural Nudes Palette for a look like this. I’ll take the color “nude” on a fluffy blending brush and work that all over my lid and into the crease and then take it down onto my lower lash line. Then, I’ll finish off the eyes by taking “truffle” from the same palette and creating an extremely smoked out wing (we hate precision here, folks) to elongate the shape of my eyes. A little bit of “swan” in the inner corner and under the brow bone and we’re off to mascara. Better Than Sex always, period.

Now onto the best part, the lips. I make sure to keep my lips super hydrated throughout the day and before I start my makeup I’ll use a scrub or even just give them a light pass with my toothbrush just to get the blood flowing and remove any flaky skin. Then comes the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, which in itself packs a punch of lip nourishing hydration, and voila, off to take 101 selfies.

Gaby Too Faced Injection Extreme

Why I Love It:

There’s a reason Too Faced’s Lip Injection line has stood the test of time and made its way into so many of our makeup bags. Not only is it the perfect accessory to literally any look but it’s both cost and time effective. Because each product comes in a clear option, I can layer any and every lip liner and lipstick underneath without worrying about how the gloss will mess with the color. It’s my designated “purse gloss” for this exact reason. Plus, I realistically never reapply liner or lipstick throughout the day or evening so I usually just stick to the Extreme gloss as my one-step-wonder. It gives my lips a flushed pink look that’s perfectly plump leaving me ready for any occasion. Also, the tingly sensation associated with plumping glosses only lasts a few seconds to one minute but honestly even if it did last longer, the effects make it beyond worth it.

Be sure to check out Too Faced’s entire Lip Injection line for yourself here.