I Got Jessica Alba's Favorite Treatment From a Secret Celebrity Spa

What do Jessica Alba, Bella Thorne, Mindy Kaling, and I all have in common? Not much, as it turns out, except for this one thing: We have all experienced the single greatest massage in Los Angeles. 

What on earth is this heavenly celeb-approved massage? It's a good question, considering it's one of the beauty world's best-kept secrets, so mysterious and underground that even the most tuned-in beauty gurus have never even heard of it. The massage happens at Tomoko Spa, a Japanese retreat tucked behind a nondescript exterior in Beverly Hills. From the outside, Tomoko looks like a typical office building (save for its unassuming logo), but a five-star, utterly transportive experience sits within. 

Intrigued? So was I. See, I consider myself pretty clicked into L.A.'s spa scene. Massages are my beauty vice—I probably get 10 a year, even though I don't have a high-stress job or exercise enough to earn it. So a few weeks ago, when one of my fanciest friends asked me if I'd ever heard of Tomoko, home to the massage that Jessica Alba swears by, I was shocked that I hadn't. 

Immediately, I looked into the place, and once I found out what it was all about, I knew I had to go there. Want to find out what happens within the walls of this secret spa? Just keep scrolling.