Use This 1 Product, Have Better Lips in Seconds


Tom Ford

I've never been more conscious of the size of my lips than this very moment. Almost daily (and, definitely a few times per day if you're a beauty editor) we're inundated with pictures of injection-enhanced lips and the notion that we need to have them. Don't get me wrong—this is in no way a diatribe against fillers. In fact, I've considered hyaluronic acid injections to plump my pout more often than I'd like to admit on the internet. However, my fear of needles and often scary, visceral reaction to the doctor's office has kept me from actually going through with it. 

That, and the fact that there are now a ton of other options for needle-phobes like myself. The most recent of which is Tom Ford's new handy gadget that plumps, shapes, and adds a gorgeous, creamy shade to your lips in mere seconds: the Lip Contour Duo ($53).

Do you have a favorite (easy to use) lip-plumping product? Let us know in the comments below!