50 Pretty Pedicure Designs to Inspire Your Next Appointment

You'll be sandal weather ready in no time.

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How often do you indulge in fun nail art and forget about your toes? It's just not something that instinctively comes to mind unless you're lucky enough to show off your feet in sandal weather all year long. Sigh. The truth is, both sets of your nails are there for you to get creative with. Even though toenail designs feel so underrated, that doesn't take away from their cool factor. The options are endless. Just think about how fun your feet will look in your favorite open-toed shoes!

From intricate details to abstract designs, here are 50 screenshot-worthy toenail designs, many created by talented Russia-based nail artist Anastasia Maslo, that every nail-art lover will appreciate. Plus, a little encouragement to show some love to these neglected nail beds. Below, we've rounded up a few must-see nail designs for your toes.

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Abstract Colors

If you're not into picking just one color, try this colorful and sophisticated abstract design for a whimsical pattern that still feels light and airy.

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Autumn Leaves

Give your feet the tropical getaway they deserve with this leafy design. Hand-painting the palms can get a little tedious from a DIY standpoint, so make sure you have a handy detailing brush nearby.

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Geometric Detail

A clean, geometric French-inspired pedicure with a cool pop of orange looks so modern.

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Rainbow Bright

Nothing feels like summer more than rainbow-colored toes. Glittery lines only serve to amp up the fun factor!

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Jewel Adorned

Introducing the jeweled nail trend to your toes in the best way. With a big toe decked out in sparkles and flowers, this design is ultra-elegant thanks to a grounding plain pink on the rest of the nails.

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Sparkly Heart

How gorgeous is this heart? Its standout nail art done right with a bold sweep of glitter in a playful, love-filled design.

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Branch Out

You can also go with a minimal approach like this delicate sprouting design. 

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Sparkle 24/7

It doesn't have to be NYE to rock glittery nail art. If you feel like sparkling, try a glitter design with an accent nail in rich forest green.

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Matte Flower Design

Matte textures look so cool, especially when they're paired with next-level flower designs like this.

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Half-Star Cutouts

Don't just save the nail accessories for your fingernails. This half-white, half-golden star design shines bright for a fun design that looks elegant with open-toed heels.

When applying nail jewelry, use tweezers and dip the adornment into clear nail polish like a topcoat. This will act as an adhesive and secure the embellishment.

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Mani-Pedi Match

Coordinate your fingers and toes in a subtle way by choosing a plain polish that complements the nail art without perfectly matching.

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Doodle On

An intricate flower doodle for the win. Is it just us, or does this remind you of Día de los Muertos?

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Rosey Toes

The nail art on this big toe is an actual masterpiece. Who else wants to get this framed?

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Green Abstract

This family of greens look so good together and almost resembles a stained glass window.

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Jeweled Details

Have a party on your toes with jeweled flowers creating a pretty accent on the large toes.

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Abstract Blues

This multi-layered look requires patience, but don't worry about painting outside the lines on this ocean-inspired scene.

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Artistic Masterpiece

Another abstract design that blends lines and shades so perfectly together.

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Pink Blooms

Blooming flowers have never looked so picturesque. We love the nod to flowers on each toe, too.

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Animal Print

We're blown away by this next-level animal print design that works on every toe without being overwhelming.

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze

When life gives you lemons… paint them on your toenails for the cutest summer pedicure.

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Glitter Leaves

A touch of glitter adds a light and refreshing touch to these vine-patterned toenails.

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Pink and White

A light pink shade contrasts nicely with creamy white tips for a more bold take on the classic French pedicure.

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Black and White

A prime example that black and white always look so good together. We're loving the rope-inspired design, too.

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Tropical Sunset Paradise

Take your toes on a tropical oasis because they also deserve a vacation. 

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Striped and Colorful

Ever tried striped toes? Go this route. 

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Black and Silver Stars

Stars are one of the most popular nail art designs, and they'll look just as good on your big toe in this chic black and silver color combo.

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Delicate Butterfly

If subtlety is the name of your game, try this creamy neutral shade with a small butterfly design.

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Pastel Pink and Blue

Pastels add a feminine touch to a geometric design that plays with negative space.

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Purple Swirls

What were we saying about nails being tiny works of art? Case in point, this purple swirling design requires a steady hand and patience to hand paint the individual lines without blurring them together.

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Black and Gold

Thin black and gold detailing gives this nude mani a party-ready feel. Make sure to peruse our black and gold mani round-up for additional inspiration.

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Baby Blues

Nothing says tranquil like a baby blue pedicure. We love the modern touch of the white and black design, too.

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Go for the Gold

The different uses of this gold glitter design really come together to work for this look.

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Beautiful Bouquet

The different shades of purple in this design come together to form a blooming floral design that's perfect for spring.

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Subtle Sparkle

Not into fancy, elaborate designs? No problem. A simple neutral polish and a hint of colorful sparkle is just enough to give a plain pedicure some oomph.

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On Brand

Consider yourself a brand loyalist? Nothing shows more dedication than getting a logo on your digits.

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Art Deco-Inspired

This black and silver Art Deco-inspired pedicure is perfect for formal occasions.

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Go Green

Botanicals and green branches are the star of this plant lover's pedicure.

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Sweet Feet

How cute are these colorful donut designs? We'd definitely be down for this colorful and sweet pedicure come summertime.

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Double Design

We're obsessing over this double design. While the 3D branch covers the rose gold metallic stripes, enough peeks through to draw attention to this unique design.

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Juicy Orange

We are feeling summer with this juicy orange design, paired with a matching neon polish.

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Negative Space

Remember that a design doesn't have to be intricate. Negative space designs work just as well. We love the simplicity of this curved look that mimics a double French pedicure.

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Metallic Caviar

This caviar-inspired pedicure combines deep metallic blue and purple hues for a look that is super cool and iridescent.

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Got Milk?

How cute is this cow-inspired pedicure? It takes the classic black and white to a fun level.

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Under the Sea

If this beach-inspired pedicure doesn't make you grab your beach chair and sunglasses, we don't know what will.

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Glitter Confetti

We love the look of this classic spin on confetti nails over a neutral pinkish-white base.

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Sweet and Speckled

The cherries in this pedicure look like a still life. And the robin's egg blue speckled base color is so unexpected, but works.

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Metallic Print

A pink metallic print over a light pink base color adds another dimension to an otherwise monotone pedicure.

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Accented White

As a dark pedicure is to winter, white is the color of summer pedicures. Separate yourself from the pack with an accent nail, like this watercolor-esque leaf branch.

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Don't look now, but we spy a cute pedicure design worthy of your attention.

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Pretty As A Peacock

BRB, obsessing over this peacock feather design that nails every color.

  • How much do pedicures cost?

    The cost of pedicures tends to fall between $50 to $100, or more. This can vary depending on different factors, such as where you live and the type of pedicure you're looking for. A standard pedicure with no design will likely cost less than a pedicure that involves an intricate design.

  • How long do pedicures take?

    Depending on the design you chose for your pedicure, and how complicated it is, you may find yourself relaxing in the salon chair for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

  • How long do pedicures last?

    Unlike a manicure, pedicures can actually last up to four weeks or more (even without gel polish). Winter pedicures also tend to last longer than when we get them in the summer due to our feet being covered more often.

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