You'll Need a Toe Ring For the Y2K Renaissance

Feet with double band toe ring in water.

Scream Pretty

The resurgence of the Y2K style has revived low-rise jeans, brought mini skirts back to runways, and re-introduced us to the Von Dutch hats many of had since traded out for beachy waves. It’s a style that was met with some resistance by millennials and embraced by Gen Z, but one that has quickly come to dominate all walks of retail—from small brands and fashion giants to our favorite reselling platforms.

As we embrace the old and designers make it new, there’s one accessory gearing up for a comeback: The toe ring. While other accessories pivoted, were fine-tuned, or remained classics following the early aughts, toe rings quickly came and went. But if there were a time to bring the early-2000s tiniest trend back, it’s now. With summer here, platform sandals and thong-ed kitten heels are on and our toes are out, so why not accessorize beyond a fresh pedicure? Below, we've rounded up 13 toe rings that can give you the Y2K look—from head to toe.

Pearl Beaded Toe Ring Set
Urban Outfitters Pearl Beaded Toe Ring Set $10.00

Match your pedicure to this set of colorful, pearl-beaded toe rings from Urban Outfitters. There are two sets available, with both sets featuring graphic, eye-catching beads including—in true Y2K fashion—butterflies and smiley faces.

Lili Toe Ring
Naiia Lili Toe Ring $25.00

For something a little more classic, Naiia has crafted the perfect no-nonsense gold toe ring. The thin, 14K gold-filled band is elegant on its own or can be stacked and paired with other rings and anklets for a complete look.

Darcy Enamel Toe Ring
Free People Darcy Enamel Toe Ring $14.00

For a subtle pop of color, Free People’s Darcy Enamel Toe Ring does the trick. But the dark blue color—a nice alternative to classic golds and silvers—isn’t the band’s only unique trait; it also features dainty but detailed cutouts throughout.

Butterfly and Daisy Snake Charm Toe Ring Set
Wild Fable Butterfly and Daisy Snake Charm Toe Ring Set $6.00

This three-pack from Target's Wild Fable is perfect for indecision and stacking. Choose between a butterfly or snack charm, the set’s thick, flower-embellished band, or opt for all three. For those not yet sure that this Y2K-staple is a trend they’re ready to embrace, we love that this affordable option allows you to test run it without overspending.

Petite Daisy Toe Ring
Free People Petite Daisy Toe Ring $14.00

Another selection from Free People, the Petite Daisy Toe Ring features an ethereal floral design and an open back that allows you to make slight adjustments to ensure a snug fit.

Coco Toe Anklet
Bychari Coco Toe Anklet $150.00

The jewelry brand Bychari prompts us to consider: Why stop at the toe? Their Coco Toe Anklet connects a toe ring and anklet with a simple, pearl-adorned gold chain. This single, playful accessory has the ability to dress up the entire foot.

Maxine Ring
Éliou Maxine Ring $122.00

Miami-based jewelry brand Éliou designs accessories that feel like summer, making them a perfect fit for your toe-ring moment. The brand’s Maxine Ring, though designed for a finger, works perfectly for a toe, as it is able to be shaped and reworked to fit different measurements. The stacked pearls are perfect for a beach day to a night out.

Holi Jewel Silver Adjustable Toe Ring
Charlotte's Web Jewellery Holi Jewel Silver Adjustable Toe Ring $51.00

If silver is your metal of choice, Charlotte’s Web Jewellery has the perfect piece. The brand's Holi Jewel Adjustable Toe Ring is crafted of sterling silver and available with four different stones. The stone selection allows you to fit the ring to your style and color palette while the open back gives you room to adjust the band to fit your measurements.

Snake Toe Ring
Scream Pretty Snake Toe Ring $70.00

Scream Pretty creates pieces designed for everyday wear and impact at an affordable price—something we want out of a ring making contact with either our shoes or the ground. The brand’s Snake Ring is sexy, modern, unique, and available in both gold and silver.

Double Band Toe Ring
Scream Pretty Double Band Toe Ring $50.00

But if you prefer something a bit simpler, you can shop the brand’s Double Band Toe Ring. This single ring, designed to look like a stack of two, features an adjustable back and, like the Snake Ring, comes in both gold and silver.

Sweet Nothing Ring
Catbird Sweet Nothing Ring $48.00

While the NYC fine-jewelry brand Catbird might not have a section of their store dedicated to toe rings, we believe that their Sweet Nothing Ring—a dainty, gold chain—would be just as perfect on a toe as it would finger (just be sure to size down).

Notch Pinky Ring
Yam Notch Pinky Ring $30.00

Yam brings attention to detail and elegant, classic elements to each of their handcrafted pieces. The Notch Pinky Ring, though not necessarily designed with a foot in mind, is perfect if you’re looking for a single gold ring for a toe. Featuring an open back, you can easily take the ring from pinky finger to pinky toe.

14k gold zig zag wave toe ring
California Toe Rings 14k gold zig zag wave toe ring $26.00

As the name implies, California Toe Rings is a jewelry brand that specializes in accessories for the toes. While there are a number of rings to choose from, we love that the Zig Zag Wave Ring is unique without being over-the-top. It manages to be playful while remaining relatively simple.

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