Video: Beauty Tripping in Sydney With Makeup Artist Tobi Henney



Tobi Henney is a celeb makeup artist known for the sun-kissed beauty looks that she creates. She has mastered the "your skin but better" look and has coupled it with a lit-from-within highlight and a bronzed glow. Seriously—if her signature makeup look could talk, we think it'd say something along the lines of, "I did my makeup after spending all day at the beach, and now I look radiant and refreshed." Don't believe us? Just peruse her Instagram for proof. It comes as no surprise then that she hails from Australia, which (to us at least) is the official sponsor of summer, the origin of all beachy vibes, the land of sun and sand—we could go on, but we'll spare you our rambling.

Then who better to show us the beauty scene in her hometown of Sydney? Watch as she takes us to her favorite beauty destination in the city and shows us some of her all-time favorite Aussie products along the way. These include a matte finish sunscreen, a no-fuss tinted lip balm, and a sparkling highlighter. Oh, and while we have you, fear not. We've sourced all the products online just in case you don't have any plans to visit Australia anytime soon (all hail the age of the internet, right?).