Tips for Word and Phrase Tattoos

Word Tattoos

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The popularity of word and phrase tattoos continues to rise. Unlike large portrait or common design ideas, simple script tattoos can be placed in visible areas for daily reminders of sentiment, inspiration, and strength. While there are no hard and fast rules to these simple forms of body inscriptions, the following tips for word and phrase tattoos will ensure you're inking a statement worthy of repeating, over and over again.

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Before tattooing any tattoo or word phrase, make sure the spelling is correct. Capitalize any words that need to be capitalized and ensure the words are otherwise perfect. There will be no changes later so think twice and ink once. This is especially important as well for other language tattoos. If you are tattooing something in a foreign language or a symbol, make sure it is accurate and depicted properly. Cross-check your resources first.

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Because the body shifts and changes shape with weight changes and aging, it's important to place your word or phrase tattoo somewhere safe that is less likely to experience variations in weight fluctuations or the effects of gravity.

Consider the inner wrists and ankles as safe bets for word tattoos. They will also allow you to read them on a daily basis, which is sort of the point.

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Size Matters

Aim to make your tattoo visible and readable from at least 10 inches away. You want the letters to be large enough so that as your skin changes, sags or shifts, your tattoo is still visible, easy to read,and still resembling a word rather than a blob of ink. If you need to go larger in scale then be prepared to either shorten your phrase or change the placement. Nothing is worse than a tattoo that can't be understood so make your words count and make them large enough.

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Have Meaning

Verse, phrase and quote tattoos should bear some significance and meaning in your life. Consider quotes from your favorite books or movies, perhaps a part of a poem or anything else that will serve a greater meaning than just a popular phrase that you may grow tired of later. Don't pick anything trendy or speak in slang. Try to make your quote or phrase tattoo as personal as possible. If you need to wait till that phrase comes to you, then by all means wait. Bear in mind you may not be looking for a phrase at all, but perhaps maybe simple word tattoos such as believe, hope or love.

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Find an Artist

Lettering tattoos are very different from portrait and picture design pieces. It helps to take your time to find an artist that really specializes in the form of art. Skill level is important with all tattoos, but lettering and font tattoos beg for attention to detail. References and local recommendations in your area will provide the first step in finding a talented tattoo artist that can make your words eternal.

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