4 Eyebrow Gurus Share Their #1 Tips for Perfect Brows

We had our fair share of brow blunders in our tweens and teens (read: over-plucked, over-tweezed), and as for us, we were over it fast. Thankfully, the trend has since shifted from pencil-thin arches to full, more natural-looking brows, so we've cast our at-home wax kits and tweezers to the side. It was a difficult breakup, but we've been happy exploring our relationship with powder, pencils, and pomade.

As much as we treat filling in our brows each morning like a therapeutic ritual, we still find ourselves eyeing a killer set of brows on our coffee run or daily commute, thinking, How do I get those power arches? Surely piling on more product isn't the answer, so we went to some of the most well-renowned brow gurus for their expert tips on how to achieve the brows of our dreams. Keep scrolling to learn more!