15 Tiny Tattoos You'll Want to Get Immediately

Updated 01/30/18

Tattoos aren't for everyone, and understandably so—not everyone wants to get something permanently etched into their skin. And while many still opt for look-at-me designs that are more traditional, the coolest tattoos we've spotted are delicate inkings that are tiny, pretty and seriously chic. Whether that's an outline of a flower on the ankle, a subtle feather behind the ear or just a couple of dots on the finger, small tattoos are an art form in themselves. In fact, the tattooist Mister Mags responsible for Cara Delevingne's lion inking on her finger specialises in small tattoos and script, since it takes a certain skill to create a design that is so perfect and intricate. Tattoo ink has a tendency to spread over the years, but a good tattooist will know how to minimise this, which is crucial with smaller designs. As with anything permanent, do your research.

So where to look for tiny tattoo inspiration? Pinterest is rife with inventive tattoo ideas, so we've scoured it for some of the best around to give you some ideas. From a gorgeous pineapple that will give you endless joy (hey, they are great to look at) to a pretty little outline of a sweat pea, there are plenty of modern and contemporary designs to choose from. Plus, we've also found inspiration on where to get the tattoos, with ideas on unconventional places to get an inking; from clavicles to your earlobes. 

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Keep scrolling for our 15 favourite tiny tattoos, plus our pick of the chicest transferable tattoos for when you don't want to commit.

Inkwear Dandelion and Seeds $2
Inkwear Birds of a Feather Temporary Tattoo $2
Anteatersink Arrow Temporary Tattoo $3

Would you get a tattoo? Do you have a tattoo? And how did you decide what to get? Tell us in the comments! 

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