Tinx on Her Maximalist Skincare Routine and "Upping the Ante" With Botox

"I’m a product girly."

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Even if you aren’t entirely familiar with Christina Najjar, chances are you’ve heard one of her Tinx-isms. From “leg on wall fall” to her signature “rich mom starter packs,” the influencer—who goes by her longtime nickname, Tinx—has an entire dictionary of coined phrases that have spread well beyond her followers on TikTok and Instagram. If you asked anyone in Gen Z to describe their dating life right now, you’d likely hear at least one of her trademark mantras (“the box theory,” “the funeral method,” etc.) repeated back to you.

And while it’s impossible to fully sum up Tinx’s appeal, giving advice is undoubtedly her bread and butter. Whether she’s doling out relationship wisdom or sharing her practical approach to wellness, the content creator never shies away from being 100% transparent with her nearly two million followers—and that goes for her admittedly maximalist skincare routine, too.

“I could talk about skincare and products all day,” Tinx tells us. “I’ve just now fully thrown my hands up—I am a product girly. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about skincare and face stuff. I’m leaning into it and I’m okay with that.” While many of her peers in the public eye play coy about the nitty-gritty of their actual beauty regimens, Tinx is refreshingly honest about hers, sharing exactly how much time, energy, and money she spends to achieve her consistently glowy skin. Below, we caught up with the influencer to learn more about her favorite products, the one skincare rule she swears by, and so much more.

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About Her Skin

"I’d say I have combination skin. I definitely get acne (like really bad cystic acne) when I'm very stressed. I also get rosacea, which is triggered by stress, if I eat a lot of spicy food, or if I'm just worn down. So those are some things that I try to manage.

"I thought that acne would be something that I wouldn't have to deal with in my 30s, but surprise, it's here to stay. But [as] I tell my followers all the time, most people still deal with it. It's actually a total myth that acne is only for your teens. It really is a lifelong joy."

Her Morning vs. Night Routine

"How much time do you have? No I'm just kidding. So in the morning, I don't wash my face. I can't remember where I read [about] that, but it has totally changed my skin. It just feels a lot better. Again, I’m not an esthetician or dermatologist and I can’t remember where I read it, but I swear it just made sense to me, so I stopped washing my face in the morning. I'll just literally wake up and then do a little bit of the Dr. Lara Devgan Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum ($145). Then, I’ll do an eye cream—I love the Furtuna Skin Eye Cream ($225), and maybe I’ll do a little hyaluronic on top of that too. If I’m putting makeup on, I’ll use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream ($100) or the Magic Serum ($80) as a primer and then go into my makeup routine.

"At night, I will wash my face with the Tracie Martyn Amla Cleanser ($68), which I've used for six or seven years. I truly think it's one of the best cleansers on the market. I absolutely love it because it really keeps my acne at bay without drying out my skin. Next, I’ll do the Dr. Devgan vitamin B serum again, and then I’ll do retinol—I use Dr. Devgan 5% Retinol ($310). My night cream is the Sonya Dakar Stem Cell Transformer ($195). It is the most luscious cream and it's really, really thick and lovely without clogging my pores. Then again I’ll do Fortuna eye cream, and sometimes I’ll throw a little bit of a mist on there. I’ll do one of the Sonya Dakar mists or the Kora Organics, I love their Minty Mist ($42) as well, just more because it's like a nice nighttime ritual.

"And what else do I love? Oh! The Dr. Devgan Platinum Long Lash ($150). I was always afraid of putting anything near my eyes, but I trust her completely and my eyelashes have grown so much. I actually use it on my eyebrows too just to help with growth. And that's just kind of the quick and dirty, there are sometimes more or fewer steps depending on how tired I am."

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The Skincare Step She Never Skips

"I always take my makeup off at the end of the day. I really credit my mom: She was like, "come hell or high water you have to take it off." And I really do swear by that. If you're struggling, if you're in your young 20’s and you're going out (or maybe you're in college or whatever), and you find it to be so tiring, I always say have a lot of different options to take your makeup off so that you feel at ease. I take my makeup off all different ways. I have the Laura Mercier Makeup Remover ($27), the Almay little Pads ($15), the Neutrogena Wipes ($10), and micellar water, which is so great with little cotton pads.

"And you know what, I know people are going to roll their eyes at me but sometimes all you can manage is a wipe. Sometimes you're so tired or whatever—maybe you had too many margaritas. Just have the wipes on hand for those nights because it’s better than nothing. If you have a lot of options, then I feel like there’s a better chance of getting it off. But I truly think you just can't be sleeping in it. No way."

How Her Routine Has Changed Over Time

"The over-30 gang, we just need a little bit more help. I’m not an ;oh whatever happens, happens' with aging kind of gal. I’m like, 'you’re going to have to drag me kicking and screaming.' Now, if I don't take care of my skin as well or—it's such a bummer—but if I eat like crap, it really shows up on my face more. I honestly saw that shift more when I was 28, 29. Now I'm 31. So, you know, it just shows up on your face more which is such a bummer.

"I would say retinol, which I've started in the past two years, [has] really changed my skin for the better. I noticed more elasticity and a better texture, and it really helps with fine lines. Obviously, I have Botox, I’m very vocal about that. And I’ve definitely upped the ante with the Botox in the last couple of years, just as I feel gravity taking its hold on me."

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The Best Skincare Advice She’s Ever Received

"This isn’t concise advice, but I would say find what works for your skin and stick to it. Then, have different levers you can pull based on what’s going on with your skin. Having a skincare routine is amazing, but our skin changes throughout the month. Especially as women, we're dealing with hormones, or if you're traveling with work [there’s] different water types.

"I always find that my skin is different in New York and L.A. when I go between the two a lot. So have different things, and really get to know your skin—know what it means when you’re under stress or traveling or what have you. And I know I love routine more than anyone, but I think that having different options to add or take away is so important because environmental factors are such a big thing with skin."

Her Most-Used Product

"The Amla Cleanser from Tracie Martyn. I've used that for seven years. That's a really long time to use one product, I feel like they normally cycle out."

The New Skincare Product She’s Loving Right Now

"The Burt’s Bees sensitive skincare line has been great recently, just because my rosacea has been acting up. I love their Calming Day Lotion ($15), and that's just what I was talking about—flexing in and out when your skin is flaring up. When I get stressed (or honestly when I eat spicy food, which is a really big bummer because I'm addicted to spicy food) my skin gets so red.

"So I'll flex in that line and use it to calm my skin down for a few days. Or honestly, if I have a couple of consecutive days of glam with heavy, thick makeup and heavy lighting, that [stuff] just bakes into your skin, and then my skin is all red. So, I love the Burt’s Bees sensitive skincare, but the lotion especially is great for if you just need your skin to have a break."

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The Best Technique She Learned on TikTok

Well, it's a makeup thing that comes to mind. It’s the Makeup by Mario lipliner hack. It turns out I've been lining my lips wrong this whole time. I love to overline, but he teaches this trick where you're actually supposed to overline your cupid's bow and then the middle of your bottom lip. It actually makes them look a lot bigger and poutier. This is amazing because sometimes I will literally line my lips and I'll FaceTime my mom and she's like, 'you look like the Joker, like you look terrifying.' And so this new hack has really changed just the poutiness, and it's genius.

"I learn so much on TikTok. I always joke that they kind of taught me how to do my makeup because I would do my makeup on Live, and I’m a product girly, I wouldn’t say I’m as much of a makeup person, but they taught me how to contour. I was contouring way too low. They taught me how to bake, I didn’t know how to do that. There’s a smart bunch of people on there."

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