Move Over, Foundation: Tinted Oils Are the Next Big Thing in Makeup

If necessity really is the mother of invention, then can I just say it's about time tinted oils arrived on the scene? Virtually every makeup artist we speak to offers the same advice when it comes to applying foundation: If you want a really airbrushed, flawless finish that looks like second skin, mix your formula of choice with a few drops of face oil. "I like to add oil to foundation because it gives an added boost of emollience to the skin," says New York–based makeup artist Daniel Martin. (And that's not even to mention that doing so keeps your complexion hydrated and bright for hours on end—no cakiness in sight.)

Pros like Martin have been cocktailing these products for years, inspiring editors (and thus our readers) to do the same—yet brands are only just starting to bottle and sell combo products that eliminate the need for all that DIY mixology. Tinted oils, which are essentially pigmented oil emulsions, are poised to make some serious waves in the foundation market—and trust us when we say they could be the best thing that's ever happened to your makeup routine. (And just to get one common myth right out of the way, these formulas sink deeply into your skin to keep your complexion looking hydrated and smooth, never greasy.)

Keep reading for four editor-approved tinted oil formulas that will seriously up your beauty game.