Finally: An Inclusive Range of Body Makeup That Doesn't Transfer

Tinge Tint is makeup for everything but your face.

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Body makeup is a category is brimming with new products—from easy-to-use self-tanners to shimmering body creams and even foundation. If you thought foundation was just for your face, allow us to introduce you to TINGE. Founded by Kourtney Brooks the brand's first launch, the TINGE Tint ($48) is a tint made just for your body. Coming in with 12 shades, the water and transfer-resistant formula promises long-lasting medium coverage in the most inclusive shade range for body makeup to date. For the full details and application tips, we talked to Kourtney Brooks, TINGE CEO, to hear everything from the founder herself.

TINGE The TINGE Tint $48.00

With 40 shades being the standard for complexion products for the face, I knew there had to be more and better options for the body.

The Story

"One of my earliest lightbulb moments was recognizing that the body category was saturated by sunless tanning products—a seasonal category that wasn’t representative of millions of individuals around the world," Brooks explains. "Over 90% of skin lies below the neck, but less than 10% of beauty products sold are dedicated to the body, and with 40 shades being the standard for complexion products for the face, I knew there had to be more and better options for the body."

She struggled to find products that could help conceal the purple/blue tint of her skin from poor circulation issues. "I could never find a body makeup or sunless tanning product that matched my true skin tone and also created evenness and consistency throughout," she adds. So the team got to work formulating body makeup and after 18 months and 50 different formulas, they launched the tint.

"Our undertone-oriented tints were thoroughly tested on various skin types and skin conditions as we wanted to ensure they were safe and effective for use on every body," she explains. "The product use cases are truly limitless and the desire for wear varies for everyone which makes it truly unique." While Brooks uses the tint to minimize redness and even out her complexion, her grandmother uses it to conceal spider veins. And, the founder says that makeup artists love it on set because it doesn't transfer to clothes and accessories.

The Application

To help you find your shade the brand created the Meet Your Match Guide. The guide will help you determine your shade category from fair to deep and you undertone, from cool, warm, or neutral. If you're still having a tough time picking a shade the TINGE team is on hand to help. Shoot them a text, DM, or email to get help choosing a shade and a 10-minute virtual consultation.

After you've found your perfect shade, Brooks also has a few tips for the best application. "Exfoliating is key for the best application," she explains. "After you exfoliate, apply the TINGE tint to clean, dry skin on desired areas by hand or with your favorite body applicator. Blend until completely dry and layer for maximum coverage. Wait 5 minutes before dressing and you’ll be on your way."

The Review

Chinea Rodriguez

Chinea Rodriguez

I’ve never tried body makeup before but I do have a body “hack” I use pretty regularly. My face and body are completely different shades without makeup so I’ll add a bit of bronzer on a large fluffy brush to warm up areas like my décolletage. It works in a pinch and looks natural. My hope was that this tint might be a better option than my “hack”. So I applied a few dabs of the shade Tan with a large foundation brush and it was just as easy to use. It dried to a matte finish, which thankfully didn’t transfer onto my clothes. It looked natural but most of all, it was a much closer match to my face. So I think I can spare my bronzers for a bit and use this to get natural, long-lasting coverage.

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