Tinashe Swears by This $12 Primer for Healthy, Glossy Hair

The singer shares her hair care routine.

Tinashe with Curly Hair and Sunglasses


The One Thing

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

Tinashe uses her hair as a form of expression, much like her soulful music that dominates the playlists of many. Take, for instance, her most recent red carpet look: a curly updo with romantic, face-framing tendrils so perfect the style made it into our Grammys best beauty list. She especially loves to experiment with different colors, cuts, and styles when she’s performing on stage, filming a music video, or attending an event. “I’m constantly playing with my look and switching up my hairstyles,” the songstress shares.

That's why it made perfect sense when the Kentucky-born entertainer announced her first-ever product collaboration with Eva NYC: the limited edition Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer ($12). “I was really happy to work closely with Eva NYC to bring my vision for the bottle to life,” the Grammy award-winner shares about the creative process that started with creating eye-catching mood boards.

She continues, “I’m really drawn to metallics—especially for my outfits when I’m on stage! It’s always a fun and easy way to add a pop or a bold touch.” Besides the luxe feel of the hair primer, the singer admits that the new formula’s durability was equally as important to her—especially as a professional entertainer that constantly needs to keep frizz at bay. 

“The Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer really makes sure that I don’t have to worry about frizz,” she explains. “When I use it, I don’t have to worry about damage, and it makes it really easy to transition between different styles! Plus, I love that I can use clean ingredients while protecting my hair.”

Mane Magic Hair Primer
Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer x Tinashe $12.00

Ahead, learn more about what gets the singer's day started, how her wash day routine goes, and what she’s learned about her hair over the years. 

The One Thing That Gets Her Day Started

“I always start the day with some English Breakfast tea and a walk outdoors—or a workout class.”

The One Thing That Changes in Her Wash Day Routine

“My wash day routine changes depending on what I am prepping my hair for. If I am changing styles or I have a day or two off I focus a lot on adding moisture and deep conditioning my hair. If I am prepping it to be styled, I will focus more on making sure it is very clean and not overwhelmed by product buildup.”

The One Thing She Does to Maintain Her Hair

“I wear a lot of protective styles and hats because it is important to protect your hair from the sun, as well as your skin. The Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer really helps with that since it offers protection against heat and UV rays. Also, I make sure to oil my scalp to keep it from getting dry.”

The One Thing That Keeps Her Hair Healthy When Performing

“When I’m performing, it’s hard on my hair because I am switching styles a lot. Also, I’m sweating, so there isn’t a very easy way to take care of it. Updos, protective styles, and braids are usually ideal for those scenarios.”

The One Thing She’s Learned About Her Hair Over The Years

“I’ve learned that my hair needs a lot of added moisture. I live in Los Angeles, which has a pretty dry climate, so my hair is much more prone to being dry than it is to being oily.”

The One Thing She Always Packs When She’s On The Road

“When I’m on the road, I only pack a face wash and a moisturizer. I don’t usually do too much beyond that. Maybe a sheet mask if I’ve been feeling extra dry.”

The One Thing She Swears By To Keep Her Skin Radiant

The Face Oil ($245) from Augustinus Bader is my favorite right now. I always get compliments on my skin ‘glowing’ after I’ve applied it.”

The One Makeup Look She Loves

“I like a light foundation—so you can still see my freckles—some blush, a brow pencil, and a tiny bit of mascara. Sometimes I'll add a small wing with liquid eyeliner as well.”

The One Thing She Does To Unwind

“I love to play video games, hang out with my family, and unwind in nature. I try to hike and be outdoors as much as I can.”

The One Thing She Always Does Before Bed

“Before bed, I always make sure to moisturize and run my diffuser so I don’t wake up feeling puffy. I also usually watch Netflix or read.”

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