Tinashe Has a Brand New Album and Beauty Collaboration Under Her Belt

She talks to us about her collaboration with Eva NYC.

I've taken more Tinashe-themed dance fitness classes than I'd like to admit, and I can confirm one thing: When it comes to dance moves and bops—she always delivers. The singer, who recently announced her fifth album, 333, has been hard at work for the past year, and great music and stunning visuals have been the result. Still, it's not the only thing Tinashe has to celebrate. 

In time for her new album's release, Tinashe teamed up with Eva NYC to curate a limited-edition hair kit housed in a cute custom tote bag designed by the singer herself. Tinashe tells me over Zoom that the partnership aligns perfectly with her as a beauty lover and newly independent artist. "I've been releasing all of my music on my own without a label," Tinashe explains to me. "This means a lot, and it's important that, in this stage, I am finding partnerships that help the world get to know me." 

Tinashe's Good Hair Days Kit (available now) is complete with her Eva NYC essentials: The Therapy Session Mask, Freshen Up Dry Shampoo, Mane Magic Primer, and Mane Magic Split End Mender. "I change hairstyles a lot, and I love the primer," Tinashe says of the leave-on mist. "When I don't want to do a full wash day, the [Freshen Up] dry shampoo is super convenient because it doesn't spray on white but still keeps my hair feeling clean." In addition to functionality, the singer is equally proud of the brand's values. "I love that Eva NYC is super sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan," she says to me. "They check many boxes that are important to me."

Tinashe for Eva NYC


Her partnership with Eva NYC is the perfect example of a few central themes in Tinashe's life currently: Intention and trusting herself, both of which are apparent in her upcoming music and projects like her recent Sport's Illustrated magazine spread. Tinashe was featured alongside Leyna Bloom, Megan Thee Stallion, Naomi Osaka, and more and was the first model to rock a protective style in the magazine. "That decision made sense to me because it's natural for Black women to wear our hair in braids or similar styles on the beach because it's easier to manage," she tells me. "I just couldn't wrap my mind around having my hair straightened on the beach, but the team was all for it, and it turned out great."

When Tinashe isn't working on projects like her new beauty collab or magazine cover, she's hard at work keeping her mind, body, and spirit together to tend to her music. "My work is very physical, and a lot of my exercise comes from performing and being on stage," she says. On her off days, Tinashe's movement of choice is dancing in her living room or getting outside for a walk. For music videos with demanding dance breaks— (like her latest single, Bouncin', which featured Tinashe and her dancers doing choreo on a trampoline)—recovery is also super important.

"My mom is a physical therapist, which is nice because she's always making sure I am taped up for support," she says. "I'm big on massages, stretching, Epson salt baths, and maintaining good health practices between those intense, strenuous workdays. In the past year, working from home has also allowed Tinashe more time to focus on her skin and hair routine, which she says is primarily rooted in easy, versatile hairstyles and nourished skin.

While days off are few and far between for Tinashe, her creative freedom makes it all worth it. "I feel very empowered in this chapter of my life as an independent artist. My success is within the realm of my control, and that means a lot," she says, "Also, being spiritually and emotionally free of the pressures and expectations that come with being signed to a major label has helped me."

Tinashe's shiny status as independent and in control of her art doesn't make her exempt from the pressures of the public. However, she says that focusing on being the best version of herself personally—and professionally—helps her stay grounded. "I remind myself of my reason for choosing this path and stay focused on that," Tinashe says. "I think we can get caught up in pleasing the public, likes on Instagram or accolades and numbers on a chart. That's when things get convoluted, and it can get really dark."

"My success is within the realm of my control and that means a lot."

Still, with her eye on creative fulfillment and serving her loyal fans, Tinashe says that her main goal is spreading uplifting energy. "I am trying to lace the music with that positivity and empowerment," she says. "Even the sad are songs on my album have a note of growth, positivity, and self-awareness, which I think are important things to acknowledge. But that good energy is most important." With an exciting body of work to share with the world and a specially-curated beauty collection under her belt, it's safe to say that—on the path to good vibes— Tinashe's well on her way.

Eva NYC Good Hair Days kit
Eva NYC Good Hair Days Set x Tinashe $55.00

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