This "Skin-Icing” Hack Has Over 3 Million Views on Instagram and TikTok—Here’s How to Do It

Tina Craig

Tina Craig

Innovation seems to be the name of Tina Craig’s beauty game these days. The mega beauty influencer, who's known on Instagram as @bagsnob and owns sustainable skincare line U Beauty, has already delivered on promises to streamline our routines for optimal glow. She's proved this with two best-selling products—U Beauty's Resurfacing Compound ($88) and The SUPER Smart Hydrator ($168)—so it’s no surprise to see her creative skincare efficiency taken one step further. 

Last week on Instagram, Craig treated nearly 3 million viewers to an inside look at one of her greatest go-to tricks: filling ice molds with cocktails of skin-perfecting teas and milks ideal for soothing, smoothing, and contouring every pore to make makeup application that glides like...well, ice. This is a technique that she's actually uses frequently and has jumped on social media to share in-depth before, so we knew we need to know everything about it.

Byrdie spoke exclusively with Craig on her favorite icy combinations, where they fit into an overall routine, and—most importantly—how you can create your own. 

The "Why"

Craig explains that the idea came at around March 2020 when stay at home orders began to take place. (When she began experimenting with different versions of at-home skin icing.) A method estheticians swear by, ice used on skin has been a foolproof fix for a puffy face and enlarged pores since Catherine the Great’s time. But while ice does constrict capillaries for smooth and luminous skin, pure ice can be harsh, especially in less-experienced hands. For this, Craig suggests using frozen coconut milk instead of pure water as a creamy, slushy treat for less-than-perky days. “It’s smooth, soothing, and a few minutes is all it takes to revive tired skin,” she tells us. 

Key Ingredients

Coconut milk contains high levels of Vitamin C which aid in the elasticity and flexibility of skin. It's also copper-rich, preventing wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. 

Tina Craig
Tina Craig

The Alternatives

No coconut milk? No problem. You can make your own icy concoction with things you might already have in the kitchen, from antioxidant-packed chamomile tea ideal for those looking for some eczema relief to oat milk and its super-soothing lipid content. In fact, even Craig’s round ice molds are repurposed, she shares: “They’re actually whisky ice cube molds my husband uses for his scotch, and I’m never one to waste.” For especially sensitive skin, she suggests wrapping the “ice” in a thin towel or cloth to form a protective barrier. 

Viski Glacier Rocks Ice Sphere Molds $20.00

The Technique

In an Instagram video, she demonstrates her technique, first rubbing the ice in a circular motion across a 111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Mask ($32), paying special attention to cheekbone contours, the under-eye area, and jawline to reap the ice’s tightening benefits. The effect is instantaneous: bright and tight skin ready for product application. One pump of Craig’s own aptly-named The SUPER Smart Hydrator, and it’s instant glass skin. 

U Beauty
U Beauty The Super Smart Hydrator $68.00

Of course, the ice creations can stand alone as part of a morning and evening skincare routine or they can be used to lay the groundwork for silky makeup. Craig rounds out her routine with feather-light application of ultra-dewy makeup, including a perfecting layer of Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation ($78) applied with a miniature Artis Palm Brush—part of her upcoming U Beauty x Artis holiday collab. 

If it’s anything like her recent launches, we can expect it to be ice cold.

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