7 Treatments You Can Do Now to Spend Less Time Getting Ready This Summer

Summer brings about enough things to think about—planning beach days, vacations, and weddings, all the while figuring out how to get to work and back again without melting entirely. Somehow, it's never as simple as we'd like. It’s the season that's associated with a carefree spirit, but often, in practice, summer gets bogged down with scheduling more than it does sunshiny bliss. Transportation, money, the works.

To us, the easiest way to remain untroubled by it all is to cut a few things from your list of responsibilities. And because beauty is our passion, we know exactly how to simplify in the hair and makeup categories. Instead of dealing with complicated hairstyles and applying a full face of makeup just to sweat it off seconds after leaving the house, we devised a plan to forgo all the nonsense—save for a few easy-to-handle treatments and products that’ll last all summer. That’s right, do them once and you’re done. From eyelashes to brows and radiant skin to less fussy hair, find seven of our favorite summer time-savers and why we love them.