This TikTok-Famous Mattifying Balm Is a Makeup Artist Favorite

So of course, we tried it.

Veil Cosmetics Automatte Mattifying Balm

Veil Cosmetics / Unsplash

TikTok never fails to introduce us to new hacks and products to enhance our daily routines. From contouring with a white pencil to lipstick shades that suit every skin tone, it's easy to understand why beauty enthusiasts turn to their For You pages for inspiration. And it's no secret that the app has a remarkable ability to make products fly off the shelves the second they go viral.

One product that recently caught our attention on the video-sharing app? The Veil Cosmetics Automatte Mattifying Balm ($40), a substitute for setting powder that promises to absorb oil without disturbing your makeup. The product first started gaining traction when a celebrity makeup artist name-checked it as one of her on-set must-haves. After seeing a few more glowing reviews, we knew we had to put the mattifying balm to the test, Ahead, learn all about our latest TikTok makeup find, and read our honest reviews.

The Hype

Whenever makeup artists rave about a product, we listen. Celebrity makeup artist Courtney Hart definitely had our ears when she took to TikTok to tell everyone about her secret to a long-lasting, skin-like makeup finish.

In the one-minute video, the MUA responsible for the glam looks of Hilary Duff, Emma Chamberlain, and more revealed her professional trick to ensure that her client's makeup appears natural all day. “When our face gets shiny or sweaty throughout the day, our tendency is to add more makeup on top of that,” she explained, before cautioning her TikTok fans to resist the urge to apply additional power and concealer. “It just mixes with the oils and sweat on our face and creates a heavy unnatural look.”

Instead of making that rookie mistake, Hart suggested an alternative: the “game-changer” Automatte Mattifying Balm from Veil Cosmetics. "It is widely used by professional makeup artists on movie sets, TV sets," she shared. "I use it on red carpets, [in] advertising—anything I do, it just has to be in my kit all the time." Hart said she uses the mattifying balm as a substitute for powder and presses it into the skin before applying makeup to fill in pores. She also revealed that you can use it after applying makeup to “absorb oil and cut down shine without adding any product on top.” 

According to Veil Cosmetics, Hart's recommendation worked: the brand told us they experienced a 1,000% increase in sales of the Automatte Mattifying Balm in the months after Hart's recommendation. Veil Cosmetics co-founder, Sèbastien Tardif, says he's not surprised the product is gaining popularity on TikTok. He notes that professional makeup artists have loved and understood the brand's products long before they went viral. “The word of mouth just took its time to happen,” Tardif tells us. 

Beauty content creator Rose Siard also shared her admiration for the product on TikTok, displaying just how well the balm works to absorb the oils on her face. The makeup enthusiast also noted that the mattifying balm doesn't disturb makeup, which makes it easier to do touch-ups.

The Product

Automatte Mattifying Balm
Veil Cosmetics Automatte Mattifying Balm $40.00

As Hart explained, the Automatte Mattifying Balm is a powder substitute that reduces shine, oil build-up, and blurs skin texture. “It is universal so it truly goes on any skin tone from porcelain to the deepest skin tone, without creating any flashback or being perceptible,” Tardif adds.

While many powders tend to sit on the skin, the Automatte's velvety balm formula is traceless, as Tardiff explains, so "it takes away any sort of skin texture and helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines." Plus, he adds, it's multifunctional. In addition to using the balm before and after your makeup application, you can also apply it as an eyelid or lip primer to get a smoother finish sans feathering.

The Reviews

Angela Trakoshis, Beauty Commerce Review Editor

Selfie of woman

Angela Trakoshis / Unsplash

I love a dewy, radiant complexion—but only in the right places. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, my T-zone is always going to get oily by mid-day (thanks, genetics). However, thanks to this product, a touch-up has never been easier. My days of lugging around a mattifying powder are officially behind me because this balm not only gets the job done, but gets it done better. There's no mess, it's compact, and, most importantly to me, my skin looks filtered.

Jasmine Phillips, Social Media Editor

Selfie of woman

Jasmine Phillips / Unsplash

As president of the oily skin club, this mattifying balm is what my dreams are made of. I use it to touch up my makeup midday when my face gets *extra* shiny, and not only does it blur my pores, but it also gets rid of the oil instantly. I typically use blotting papers which often disturb my makeup, but this balm did its job and kept my foundation in place. I love the matte finish it provides, without being cakey, and I can’t wait to try it as a primer.

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