TikTok's Favorite Designer Lip Balm Is Almost Too Pretty to Use

Shine bright like a $58 lip balm.

Tom ford lip balm / Selfie

Tom Ford / Karli Bendlin / Byrdie

Everyone has those products that simply feel too pretty to use—or at least too pretty to use all the time. They're usually beautifully packaged, decadently formulated, and probably stunningly expensive, and I have a few myself. While the rest of my daily makeup gets tossed around with indifference, my "pretty products" get to live in my good makeup bag, wiped down with newborn tenderness and only to be used on the most special of occasions. The crown jewel of all pretty products? The Tom Ford Soleil Balm Frost Lip Balm ($58), a shimmering rose gold balm that's become the talk of TikTok thanks to its magic-wand-like appearance.

Between the hefty gold packaging and impossibly shimmery bullet, it's no wonder TikTok users are filming their own gasp-filled reactions to the balm. "I'm in love and I can't breathe," one caption gushed. "This is the most beautiful lipstick I've ever seen," declared another. The videos were promising, so we decided to try out the viral lip balm for ourselves. Keep reading to learn more about TikTok's latest lip obsession, and read our honest reviews.

Where You've Seen It

Though the product is popular across all social platforms (that's probably why it keeps selling out), it's made the biggest splash on TikTok. The visually stunning nature of the lip balm makes it perfect for slow-mo zoom-ins, glittering filters, and before-and-afters.

Tom Ford is already a revered name on beauty TikTok—just whisper the words "Lost Cherry perfume" in any user's ear to watch goosebumps instantly pop up. But the Soleil Balm Frost Lip Balm is the brand's most viral product to date. Currently, the product is sold out at virtually every department store, Sephora, and the Tom Ford website, though it may be available at your local Tom Ford boutique—I recommend calling ahead first.

What's In It

First, a note on the name. This product is marketed as a balm, though many TikTokers use "lipstick" and "balm" interchangeably when talking about it. In reality, it's somewhere between both. Infused with flower oils and shea butter for glide-on hydration and lasting moisture, the balm is mostly transparent and deposits just a hint of warm pink pigment on the lips. But, of course, the real star is the shimmering, pearlescent frost, which shellacs lips with a highly reflective sheen. Designed to mimic the look of sunlight refracting off fresh-fallen snow, it's unsurprising that the balm took off in time for the holiday season.

Our Review

Star Donaldson, Senior Social Media Editor


Star Donaldson / Unsplash

This lipstick shimmered like nothing I'd ever seen from the first moment I twisted up the tube. It's more white/off-white in color than the pinkish hue it looks like online. Because it's such a light color, I needed to pair with liner in order to make it look natural. The finish is a metallic and shimmery sheer pigment that isn't too over-the-top. I'll definitely be wearing it over the holidays with different colored lip liners.

Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor


Karli Bendlin / Unsplash

To be honest, I didn't initially think this balm would live up to its viral TikTok hype. I expected the product itself to be beautiful, but I doubted that the glitter could be as dazzling on the lips as it is in the tube. To my surprise, I couldn't have been more wrong—the balm made my lips literally sparkle when I swiped it on. Plus, the formula was actually extremely hydrating, and the glitter effect lasted for hours. I wore it to a holiday dinner and received quite a few compliments. It's a definite winner.

Jasmine Phillips, Social Media Editor


Jasmine Phillips / Unsplash

I was hesitant to try this product because the packaging is so pretty! Once I finally gave in, the frosted balm glided across my lips with ease. The sparkles didn’t have that gritty feeling you get from other shimmery products, which I loved. The shade is a little more sheer than expected so I paired it with a nude gloss for an extra pop. Overall, it's a very luxe product and will be making quite a few appearances this holiday season.

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