I Tried TikTok’s Favorite Sports Bra—And It Made Cardio So Much More Comfortable

I'll never go back to a regular sports bra.

Shefit Sportsbra


It's one of the most frustrating parts of working out for anyone with breasts: the dreaded bounce. It's there when you're trying to tap it back in spin class, on the treadmill, or attempting to keep up with your HIIT instructor. It's also what makes us all do that thing where we hold our chests as we run down any staircase. The boob-bounce is uncomfortable and annoying, and now it's finally a thing of the past.

After years of doubling up traditional sports bras, fitness model and entrepreneur Sara Moylan developed a solution to her frustrations. SHEFIT's ultra-secure bras strap the wearer in for a comfortable, effective workout free from bounce. Plus, they're cute enough to wear on their own—is it any wonder they've gone so viral?

The Hype

Just one TikTok demo of the bra in action has racked up more than 4.5 million likes and nearly 60 thousand shares. The comment section is filled with users tagging friends to try it, commiserating over workout frustrations, and talking about how much they love their own SHEFIT bras. Moylan understands from firsthand experience how difficult it can be to find a quality sports bra, which is undoubtedly no small part of SHEFIT's success.

"I tried all of the leading sports bras on the market," Moylan tells us, explaining that her background in major fitness competitions and barrel racing required performance-optimized gear. "Despite their promises of optimal support, I still had to resort to wearing two or three bras at a time just to get the control and fit that I needed," she says.

Armed with a maternity bra and a glue gun, Moylan got to work creating the prototype for the brand's first bra. After countless design iterations, the adjustable Ultimate Sports Bra ($69) was born.

SHEFIT Flex Sports Bra
SHEFIT The Flex Sports Bra $74.00

The Design

That since-patented adjustability is exactly why the SHEFIT bras are so supportive and comfortable. Unlike most sports bras, which offer little to no adjustability or customization, SHEFIT is all about an individualized fit from the jump.

To start, you'll be paired with one of the brand's knowledgable fit experts, who will ask you a series of questions about your activity preferences and existing bra fits. The consultation will also help you decide which type of bra is best based on impact level.

I personally can't emphasize enough how crucial that consultation is, either. Because SHEFIT's sizing is so inclusive (XS-6X), it's important to know exactly where you fall for the best fit on the spectrum. I was convinced I needed the medium or large size since that's what I typically grab when picking up a regular sports bra. However, after my consultation, I learned that I landed closer to the 2X with SHEFIT. Once I tried the bra on, I immediately saw why.

"We are the only bra that allows you to cinch the rib band to fit your body shape and lift the shoulder straps to get the level of support and control you need," says Moylan of the patented design which she credits as the bras' top feature. "The reality is our bodies, and our boobs, are all different and constantly changing. We deserve a bra that adjusts and adapts with us."

SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra
SHEFIT The Ultimate Sports Bra $69.00

My Review

When I first pulled the bra out of the box, I was a bit intimidated. I was raised on cotton-and-spandex Everlast sports bras that never seemed to do much for my athletic performances. Plus, the relatively recent acquisition of a DD bra size induced by weight gain often has me feeling self-conscious about my new, larger chest.

Those feelings vanished when I slipped on the Flex Sports Bra ($74) and walked across the street to the gym for what would be the most comfortable workout of my life, bar none. Treadmill sprints felt so much easier without 15 pounds of breast tissue heaving up and down, and I loved how the bra gave my boobs lift and shape along with light compression. Not only did I feel good, but I liked the way the bra looked under my clothes, too. Though the Flex is marketed as medium-impact, I found it held me in just as well as its high-impact counterpart, the surprisingly breathable Ultimate Sports Bra ($69).

Wearing Shefit Sports bra

Amanda Ross

And it sounds like that's exactly the way Moylan wants it to be. "We want every woman and girl to experience what it means to have the right fit and support," she says. "That means creating products that work for different bodies, ages, and physical abilities."

She's Sphinx-like on the details for now but promises some other exciting new things are in the works at SHEFIT: "We want to be the place you turn to for all of your activewear needs." At this point, SHEFIT could make a snowsuit, and I'd be the very first one lined up to try.

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