Covergirl’s Skin Milk Foundation Made Me a Sheer Coverage Convert

I believe in this TikTok favorite.

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There are three types of videos that will always get me to pause when I'm scrolling through TikTok: cats wearing tiny hats, thrifting hauls, and users with amazing makeup or skin leaning especially close to the camera. In my experience, that's how you know you're about to be let in on a beauty secret.

Such was the case when I came across the uber-viral Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation ($10), via user @briannachickenfry. "I don't want to share this because I don't want it to sell out!" she joke-whined, clutching the tube, before finally spilling and even demonstrating the foundation in action. After applying the lightweight tint, she signs off with "this changed my life." As someone who stays ready for any and all life-changing events both good and bad (you could call me a worrier, sure!), I knew this was one viral product I had to try—especially considering its price point. Keep reading to learn more about TikTok's latest foundation obsession, and read our honest reviews.

Where You've Seen It

If you've trained your FYP to serve you with the latest makeup, skin, and hair hacks, there's a solid chance you've come across a TikTok featuring Covergirl's Skin Milk. Particularly adored by TikTokers who favor a more minimalist makeup style, the foundation has been a staple in "Get Ready With Me" videos, drugstore makeup guides, and nonstop reviews since Brianna shared it in 2021.

Like virtually everything that goes viral on TikTok, the foundation was an instant hit that led to a buying frenzy and subsequent sell-outs at drugstores around the country. With some of the most popular videos covering the foundation reaching heights of five million views, my mission was clear: put this viral makeup to the ultimate all-day test.

Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation
Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation $10.00

What's In It

The first thing you'll notice about the Skin Milk foundation is its subtle scent, very fresh and almost sweet thanks to the aloe extract and coconut milk (hence the name) that top its ingredient list. As part of Covergirl's wider Clean Fresh collection, it aims to deliver sheer, buildable coverage with a light-as-air finish that's ideal for long days. Completely vegan and formulated without things like talc and mineral oil, it comes in 14 shades, though Covergirl says they're adaptable enough to fit 99% of skin tones. That said, we do look forward to the brand releasing a larger shade range.

The best TikTok reviews highlight Skin Milk's glow factor, with users often looking undeniably radiant while filming. And thanks to the formula's hydration-rich star ingredients (like proven hydrator aloe vera), many praise the foundation for almost acting as a two-in-one foundation-moisturizer hybrid, too.

The Reviews

Amanda Ross, Freelance News Writer

Before diving in, there's one important thing to know about my skin: It's as moody and hormonal as a teenager in an ABC Family dramedy—and equally reactive. And because of that, I've had to make peace with the fact that my skin will always be at least a little spotty. Between birth control-induced melasma on my forehead and lips, rogue freckles, and stubborn hyperpigmentation I've been trying to fade with tretinoin, it's just a reality that some of my skin will show through my foundation unless I'm wearing something truly full-coverage. But most of the time, something like Covergirl's Skin Milk is exactly what I'm looking for: just enough coverage to obfuscate the most egregious spots, and possibly a bit of moisture to at least hydrate the rest. Here's me completely bare-faced so you get a sense of what I mean:


Amanda Ross/Unsplash

After squeezing some foundation on my hand—be careful doing this, a little goes a long way—and buffing it around my bare face with a fluffy brush, I was struck by how much coverage it provided. I had been fully convinced that I'd need at least two layers to camouflage any of my spots, and was so surprised that just one managed to get nearly all of them.

If you can find a solid match for your skin tone, this foundation is certainly worth considering, especially for anyone with combination and/or normal skin. Weight-wise, it's probably the lightest-feeling foundation I've ever tried, and for the first time in my life, I actually forgot I was wearing some. This product is a dream.


Amanda Ross/Unsplash

I really can't underscore enough how pleasantly surprised I was by its coverage and blend-ability, especially considering just how damn weightless it is. As a base for the rest of my makeup, I found it plays very well with other creams and liquids for a relaxed, everyday makeup look. Here it is as part of my usual, relatively minimal makeup look:


Amanda Ross/Unsplash

After a full day of work punctuated by walks around the block, it looked virtually the same, too. The bottom line: This is a solid choice for an accessible, everyday foundation that won't cake up, wear off, or give you that dreaded "foundation face" feeling. It looks like TikTok wins once again.

Star Donaldson, Senior Social Media Editor


Star Donaldson/Unsplash

This is a very light and sheer coverage foundation that has a no-makeup-makeup finish—I enjoyed that it gave a super dewy glow to my skin. I'm dealing with a lot of active breakouts, redness, and hyperpigmentation right now, and this foundation did hide my redness. If you're looking for a cost-effective, easy to apply, light coverage tint, give this a try.

Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor at People


Karli Bendlin/Unsplash

As someone who’s obsessed with lightweight coverage, I’ll try just about any skin milk, tint, or serum foundation out there. However, while I love how these products look when they’re first applied, many of them all but disappear off my face after a few hours—which is why Covergirl’s long-lasting claims had me extra excited.

The first few times I tried this product, I could not get over how dewy and glowy my skin looked, despite the fact that it felt like I had nothing on my face. However, the day I planned to take my picture for this review, I experienced an intense rosacea breakout after sitting in a too-hot conference room for a few hours. Of course, the airy formula was no match for my rosacea—few foundations are—so you could see the redness peeking through. On my clearer skin days, however, this skin milk was a dream—especially at its drugstore price point.

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