This Genius TikTok Bra Hack Is the Secret to Styling a Tie-Front Top

With plenty of support.

Paloma Elsesser in a tie-front top

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Spring is pretty much at our doorstep, and we’re looking forward to swapping our puffer jackets and warm boots for strappy sandals and cute cardigans. Tie-front cardigans, specifically, were trending hard last year, and we have a feeling that they’ll be making a comeback this year, too. The only downside? Tie-front tops, in general, are quite divisive since, yes, they’re very cute and breezy for the warmer weather, but they're also really tricky to wear without a bra. If you're comfortable without one, great! But if you need a little more support, you’ll want to try TikTok's tie-front bra hack.

The Hack

“These tie tops that you thought you couldn’t wear—I have a bra hack that’s going to change your life,” says TikTok influencer, Naomi Native in a video with 2.2 million views and counting. Native hopped onto the app on March 15 to share her favorite tie-front top hack, which includes wrapping the ties of a cardigan around a sports bra to provide support and lift.

Unfortunately, a tie-front cardigan or blouse often only works when going braless, since the top's exposed center section reveals whatever is underneath. Although tie-front tops worn with nothing under them look amazing in photos, in real life, there’s simply way too much of a chance for a wardrobe malfunction. You can opt for boob tape for these types of tops—but Native’s hack is a great way to get around wearing tape, which can be difficult to apply and come undone if you’re sweating enough.

How to do the Tie-Front Top Hack

First, you’ll want to wear a simple sports bra without any underwire, and then throw on your tie-front top. Next, pull one tie of your top down through the middle of your sports bra, and then thread the other tie under and then up through the center of your sports bra. (If you have two ties on each side, you can thread the top two under the center of your sports bra, and then thread the bottom two under and over the center of your sports bra.) Then, pull the strings to cinch your sports bra, and tie them up in a bow. Adjust your top to hide the bra if you need, but it should be pretty invisible and you'll have much more support.

It’s a genius and simple hack that, as Native puts it, is “pretty life-changing," and she's totally right. It's a game changer for anyone looking to wear their cutest (and tiniest) cardigans this spring.

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