TikTok's "Revenge Makeup" Trend Will Leave Your Ex Full of Regret

And you feeling like a baddie.

Dua Lipa wearing revenge makeup


We’ve all been there—a messy, upsetting, world-destroying breakup that sends you into a tailspin of devastation. Once you’ve healed from the initial shock and sadness, though, there’s only one thing on your mind: revenge. And according to a new TikTok trend, revenge is a dish best served very, very hot.

Ahead, everything you need to know about the "revenge makeup" trend sweeping the app.

The Trend

Getting all dressed and glammed up in hopes of making your ex-partner jealous either in person or via social media is nothing new; dumpees have been doing this song and dance for centuries! A well-timed Instagram Story post can truly move mountains when it comes to that first breakup “You up?” text. 

Revenge makeup is directly inspired by that desire to look your absolute best when you know your ex will see it, a la Princess Diana in her infamous off-the-shoulder LBD. Cornerstones of the TikTok trend include dramatically sculpted and contoured skin with high cheekbones, flushed cheeks, dark lined eyes and a statement lip, like a bright scarlet or deep plum—classic femme fatale glam, if you will. Many TikTokers brush up their brows and apply sleek wings of liners for an even more lifted and snatched look. The end result: the ultimate baddie, practically guaranteed to make your ex do a double take while scrolling.

Even if you're happily single or coupled up, the look is guaranteed to make you feel like your hottest self. “It’s about embodying feeling and looking your best, which can evoke emotion post-break up,” says Sara Nicole Smith, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics global pro artist. “It’s about makeup that makes you feel strong, confident, and sexy in a bold way. It’s about makeup that draws you into the center of the face and eyes.”

While many of the trending videos stick to a revenge makeup formula, the best way to look your absolute hottest is however you feel best. If smoky eyes aren’t your thing but red lips are, by all means, tweak the recipe and do it your way.

The look begins with a flawless canvas; reach for your favorite foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer and get to work perfecting your gorgeous visage. Once you’re done, it’s time to contour—an essential step for that lifted look.

“I love using a liquid concealer in a color two to three shades darker than my foundation for definition that looks like skin,” says Smith, who likes Bobbi Brown’s Skin Full Cover Concealer ($33) because of its precise applicator and curved back for blending. “Apply to the hallows of the face, the temples, under the cheekbones, jawline, and sides of the nose. Even a little on the forehead works for that ‘living your best life’ glow.”

Blush and highlighter are also majorly important for the “I’m thriving without you” look. “Choose a fun, bright, playful shade like pale pink to instantly add romance to this look, recreating that flushed ‘just saw your crush’ shade,” advises Smith. She recommends applying to the height of cheekbones and blending up towards the temples and hairlines. “Place highlighter in all the right places, drawing you into the center of the face: the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and inner corner of the eye.”

For those smoldering bedroom eyes, Smith recommends starting with a creamy shadow base. (Her pick? Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Taupe, $32) Paint a gel liner along your lash line, then smudge from the inner corners to outer edges and extending for a smoked-out cat eye. “Double line for added definition, adding a little extra in the inner corner to really elongate the eyes. Finish off with a lot of mascara,” shares Smith.

Once you’re sculpted to perfection, it’s time for a lip—and the hue is totally up to you. “Nothing says revenge like a sexy lip,” says Smith. “Whether that’s a bright bold color or a glossy plump pout, the choice is yours.”

And just like that, you're ready to ruin some lives with the simple snap of a selfie.

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