TikTok Has People Adding Blush to Their Under-Eye Concealer—So, I Tried It

It's worth the hype.

TikTok Blush undereye concealer hack

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With a quick search, you can instantly find makeup hacks for almost anything you need—especially thanks to the influx of beauty creators using social media to share fast and easy methods they use to complete their everyday glam. For those looking to conceal their dark under eyes, one makeup artist has found a simple trick to create a seamless appearance that is captivating TikTok users. 

Ahead, learn more about why people everywhere are mixing their concealer with blush, how it works, and my honest opinion. 

The Hype

Makeup artist Spencer (@paintedbyspencer) caused the commotion over the concealer-blush trend with an eight-second video. "If you're not blending your blush up to your undereye area, you're missing out—just saying," he shared while lightly patting a powder blush under the eyes to achieve tireless-looking eyes.

In another video, the makeup artist explained that pink, peach, or coral blushes are excellent for canceling out unwanted blue-gray tints beneath the eyes (a technique commonly known as color correcting). 

Makeup artist Lauren Purvis chimes in and tells us that this hack helps to achieve a lifting effect on the face and radiant under eyes. “We usually call this underpainting, which gives a lift to the face and adds color at the same time,” she explains.

It wasn't long after the post that content creators began trying out the trend for themselves. Beauty Content Creator Alissia (@makeupbyalissiac), whose video has been duetted countless times, shared a video showing herself using the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20) and NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum ($11) in the inner corner below her eyes before blending the mixture out with a concealer brush. 

Lastly, she set her under eyes with a vibrant, bubblegum pink powder blush that looks to be from Persona Cosmetics, revealing a seamless full face. “Mixing liquid blush with my concealer has changed my life,” she captioned the viral video.

Beauty & Fashion Creator Gary Thompson (@theplasticboy) couldn’t help but try the trend noting that he personally didn’t think that the trend worked well with richer skin tones. “It is gorgeous, but I don't think it is for the deeper skin tone girlies,” he mentioned. 

Achieving The Look

We chatted with expert makeup artist Lauren Purvis and she offered great advice for those who are looking to achieve the look but aren't sure where to start. She mentions that complexion plays a key role in trying the trend. “If someone is fair to medium skin tone, I think the mixing of the blush and concealer works perfectly to give that lifting effect,” Purvis tells us.

“For deeper skin tones, I love the high placement of blush on the cheeks,” she shared before continuing, “Simply apply your blush higher on the cheek for the same effect.” She also highly suggests investing in a good eye cream, adding a finishing powder to soften edges, and applying a highlighter on the cheekbone to help achieve a fabulous glow.

My Review

Byrdie Writer tries tiktok blush concealer hack

Emerald Elitou

I was definitely a little bit hesitant to give this hack a try because I didn’t want to walk around for hours with red eyes. After watching multiple videos, I finally psyched myself up to give it a whirl. I pulled out my makeup bag to get all the necessary tools and products. I didn't have the Rare Beauty blush shown in the videos, so I opted for Wander Beauty's Cream Blush Stick ($38). I applied a very small amount of blush in the center of my undereyes, then layered a dime-sized dot of concealer in both corners of my eyes. 

I decided to use a damp Beautyblender to blend it all in, rather than a concealer brush like Spencer and Alisia's videos had shown. To my surprise, the pink blush offered a color-correcting effect to my dark circles. Needless to say, I will absolutely be doing this, especially on those days when my eyes can't help but appear tired. 

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