TikTok Found the Secret to Curled Lashes That Actually Stay All Day

It's a lifesaver.

model with curled eyelashes


Spend any time on TikTok, and you’re likely to scroll your way into an impressive beauty hack. Creators on the platform are already responsible for completely changing up our blush application, and have the power to sell out products for months with a single video. Now, thanks to one TikTok user, the secret to curling stubborn lashes is officially out.

It started with an original video from @kimberlyvuongg. The clip featured her zooming in on her eyelashes, with text overtop that read, “My Asian lashes can never stay curled.” She further explained in a caption, writing, “I swear they were so pretty and up 30 mins ago. Pls give me some tips.”

The always helpful TikTok community came through, with @hannnahcho2 providing assistance in the form of a now viral video. “I got you. You only need these three things,” Hannah proclaimed in the duet, adding that the assortment of Amazon products had “changed my life.”

Leaving a list of product names in the video’s comments section, Hannah said she uses the Japonesque Go Curl Eyelash Curler ($11), pdc Pmel Essence Mascara Base ($17), and Kissme Heroine Make Volume And Curl Mascara ($18). “They’re all Japanese brands, so they really make Asian eyelashes curl and stay curled,” the TikTok creator explains. She credited others on TikTok with helping her find the products, saying, “Thank you, you changed my life.”

Her video continued with an explanation of the curling products, beginning with the eyelash curler. “It literally goes up to the root,” Hannah says, holding the compact tool against her eye. Since it's smaller than traditional eyelash curlers, you can curl your lashes from the very base for a more extreme curl.

Per the eyelash curler’s description page, the travel friendly-sized tool can be used with most all eye shapes. To use, you simply flip the easel of the curler down, and then slowly and gently squeeze the curler at the base of the lashes for five seconds. If you need a tutorial, Hannah has you covered, with a TikTok of how she uses it.

One TikTok user backed the curler in the comments, writing, “That curler is my holy grail!! it’s amazing bc it’s made for asian eyes n u can easily curl the bottom lashes (if u do that), go get it y’all.”

Moving on to the mascara base, Hannnah repeatedly assures followers that “it will hold your curl all day.” Although her initial clip didn’t include an explanation about the mascara, Hannah did post a second video. She suggested that followers remove the waterproof mascara with micellar water. A few followers also gave their thoughts on the mascara. One dubbed it “my holy grail mascara,” while another said it was “the best thing ever for Asian lashes.”

This is far from the only method available for curling your lashes. There are countless eyelash curlers suited for all types of lashes and eye shapes, and you may find that a different type of primer and mascara is best suited for your particular makeup needs. No matter what ends up working for you, here’s hoping that your lashes stay curled.

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